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Easter 2017 - Egg Carton Carrier

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I love finding different ways to present a gift. This lovely little Egg Carrier is a different idea and is modelled on those coffee carriers you can get. I was carrying my coffee to the car with an extra cup for the beloved husband and realised that it would make a great way to hold small easter eggs.

So off I went to design a template. Actually, I designed several templates and the other ones will find their way onto the blog at some point in the future I am sure. For now, there is one template to try if you want to make one. You can find the template on the left hand side menu under Boxes.

You can make them in several different sizes to fit most sizes of small Easter eggs. Here is the side view so you can see how they fit.

That just about wraps it up for our projects this year. There were lots more in planning that never made it to the final stages but they will be held over for next time, so I hope you have enjoyed following the ones we have got to. That just leaves me to wish a very peaceful and happy Easter period to blog readers and visitors from Mementoes In Time!

Easter 2017 - Exploding Easter Egg Box

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This little Easter box contains a surprise within!

Once the lid is removed, it opens out to reveal some lovely Easter eggs inside!

This box card is made using our Exploding Box Card Template that you can find on the Template pages on the left menu. The template contains the basic box plus a range of different shapes to use inside, including hearts, stars, flowers and ovals.I am using the oval shape here to make the Easter Eggs.

The box template is designed to be made with heavy card/crafters chipboard so that it flops open when the lid is removed.  Actually,  I have used card here instead of chipboard as I wanted the box inserts to stay 'suspended' rather than open out and fall completely flat. You could add some Easter treats to the middle of the box or maybe one of those little fluffy chicks you can buy everywhere at this time of year.

Everyone does things differently and that is the beauty of crafting!

Easter 2017 - Egg Shaped Boxes with free Member template

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As my mother used to say, you can't go wrong with a gift in a box! Actually, I am not sure she did say that and she isn't here to contradict me anymore but nevermind, I will say it anyway!

So today, we are featuring a very quick but effective box project using a free template that you will be able to get on the Member pages. I won't be doing a full photo demo but you can see how the box goes together from the photo below.

Glue the side panel to form an egg shape and then fix this onto the base. You can then glue the top piece on or simply fix it very lightly with a tiny dob of glue and use a ribbon to hold the lid in place, as I have done.

This is a great time to use up those ribbons you have bought but are lying at the bottom of the drawer!

The template includes boxes in three different sizes. Fill with a small gift or some mini Easter eggs. I hope you are enjoying our Easter 2017 series. Do join us again for our final few projects coming up.


PS You may have noticed this is the second post today, as yesterday's one was missed. You would not believe the day I had yesterday, so I won't even begin to describe it but it did involve numerous car journeys, picking up a child who couldn't manage to open a train door at the right station and so ended up at another station further up the line, losing a purse, dealing with a relative in hospital etc etc...So today I am having a 'home day', with muffin and soup making and other domestic bliss chores!

Easter 2017 - Sauce Pot Mini Easter Baskets

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Today we are making some absolutely gorgeous little mini Easter Baskets, using something very ordinary and giving it a real upcycle!

If you have read this blog before, you will remember that we have used these sauce pots in a few other projects for Christmas. These are the little pots that you can pick up for free in your local fast food outlet (that will remain nameless) or you can buy a job lot of them on Amazon .

I find them very useful for storing paint or glue when I am using those, as well as finding lots of crafty ways to put them to good use. They are perfect for making minature Easter Baskets. These are great for small, inexpensive gifts for lots of children, as they are pretty quick to make.

You can just paint or use paper to decorate your pots but for this project we are using twine to cover them. This is just the cheap, ordinary twine that you use in the garden. Use a good glue here. I am using a basic white glue as this is forgiving enough for me to move the twine around to get it where I want it before it dries.

Once dried, you can make a handle. I used strips of card of approximately 1.25cm by 13cm ( 1/2 inch by 5inches).

Tip: If your card is a bit stiff, try using a scissor blade to shape it and avoid creases on the handle.

Glue these to the inside of the pot. You can decorate with a strip of ribbon as I have done here or maybe just emboss the handle to give it some interest. I have added some lovely little punched daisies and a piece of raffia, as I really wanted the natural look here to go with my twine finish.

The baskets will take either a creme egg, Galaxy egg and similar, or mini eggs like Cadburys.

Thanks for joining us again. Drop by again for another project in our Easter 2017 series!

Hanging Christmas Tree Boxes

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We missed a blog post yesterday, due to being just too busy, so there will probably be two today. We are almost at the end of our marathon Christmas project series but there are still a few more projects to come. If you haven't been able to make things this year and have run out of time, don't worry, just come back next year and pick up where you left off!


Actually, I have to say that I have really enjoyed designing this year's templates for the site. I mentioned earlier that it has been such a difficult year for me and that there wouldn't be many posts this Christmas but in fact, it has turned out that there are more than usual.


I have found this to be great therapy, so if you get down and miserable and you are a crafter by nature, I can certainly vouch for going back into your creative space and getting busy again as a cure for all ills.

Anyway, lets get on with today's post. I really like making boxes in particular and Christmas is one of the best occasions for having an excuse to make a box!

I have really had some fun with today's template as you can see. These little hanging tree boxes are included on the template in 8 sizes, so you can make tiny ones to hang on the tree as a decoration, slightly larger ones for lollies and candies or the larger size for maybe a different style of advent.

I have made some with festive papers and others with card embossed with a snowflake embossing folder and dusted with chalk as shown below.

You can find this template on the sidebar on the Template tab if you would like to make some yourself. 

I hope you have enjoyed today's project. Next up, we will be looking at some more Christmas cards and another Member template for those of you who have signed up to the site which you can do for free!

Tree Shaped Boxes Photo Instructions

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We are well into our Christmas 2016 series, with lots more to come. However, today, as promised, here are some photo instructions for the Tree Box featured yesterday.

Here I have glued my template to the reverse of the card I have chosen and cut out and scored as shown

This piece is then glued to one of the tree shaped pieces using the tabs

You can see the flap at the bottom which is where the box can be opened and shut.

Then the other side is glued to the top, leaving the tab at the base free to be slotted in and out of the completed box.

We have some more great templates coming over the next couple of weeks, all free for members, so please drop by again soon.

Tree Shaped Boxes

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Today's project features some lovely Tree Shaped Boxes. You can find the template for this on the normal template pages under the tab for Box Templates.

With this template you can make gorgeous tree boxes in three sizes. Use them to contain gifts or just as a decoration

In the next blog post, I'll be posting a couple of photo instructions for this project so visit again to view those.

Valentine's 'Be Mine' Heart Box

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We are kicking off our delayed 2016 Valentine's Day projects with a sweet little treat box, with a heart aperture. Remember these Sweet Hearts? I was hit by nostalgia when I spotted them while shopping and decided I had to have them. They came in an unattractive tube so I decided to make a box to put them in.

The box fits together as shown below and is fixed shut with a small glue dot or seal.

Cut the heart aperture with a sharp knife and add a small piece of cellophane to the inside.


The box template will be posted on the Member pages in the next day or so, so look there if you want to make one.

Stop by tomorrow for another Valentine's Day project to try!

Christmas '15' Series Frayed Florals and Festive Foliage Decorated Gift Bag

Posted on November 25, 2015 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (3)

Today's project using the Frayed Florals and Festive Foliage Template, makes use of two flower designs and all of the foliage designs (ivy, holly, mistletoe, fern and pine cones) from the template.


The layered poinsettia uses flower one and two and the small white flowers use flower one from the mini sized sheet. I've cut these with handmade papers, to give a lovely rustic effect. The holly is also cut from handmade paper, as the rough texture works well with this project and takes up my distressed ink around the edges nicely. The ferns, ivy and mistletoe are cut from different shades of green, with a little leaf vein detailing added to the ivy with a white gel pen. The pine cones were added at the end, with some hessian ribbon, a couple of flourishes, red adhesive pears for berries and a stamped tag.


Don't forget you can get one of the flower designs in one size as a sample sheet on the Member pages to try and a smaller gift bag to use if you don't have one to use!

I think a decorated bag like this is really a gift in itself!

Christmas '15' Series Frayed Florals and Festive Foliage Decorated Purse Boxes

Posted on November 19, 2015 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (3)

Today's project I wanted to share is the second one, using the new Frayed Florals and Festive Foliage Template. These little pillow boxes are decorated with a combination of different layered flowers in various sizes as included on the template.

You can get a template for the pillow boxes in different sizes on the Members Pages.

Glitter papers come into their own at this time of year!

Silver and blue is one of my all time favourite colour combinations!

The Kraft or rustic look is one of my favourites too!

The flower and pine cones are made using the template. I'll be posting some photo instructions for the pine cones in a future blog entry.

Members Goodies - Gift Bag

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (2)

I promised to show you what I was up to with the new Flower Fancies templates, so I'm posting some notes today!

Today's Member's Goody is up on the Member pages now and includes a template to make a lovely small gift bag or packet.This might make  nice way of presenting a gift for Mother's Day.

Print off the template direct to your paper, or do as I do and stick it to the reverse of your paper. Score well along the dotted lines. Use a scoring tool and press the creases flat. Some of them are a bit fiddly because they go into the design but it is possible to do with a little care.

Here is how each side should look with the mountain and valley folds. I have very unhelpfully not put these on the template but you can follow the photos. All will become clear as you try and put the bag together!

This is how it looks as you fold it up.

From the side

The paper looks a bit flat, so I'm adding some dimension and a bit of an aged look with Distress Ink. I've added the flower we made the other day as a decoration for the bag, together with some organza ribbon for handles.The flower is quite '3D', so I have punched a hole in the front of the bag and pushed the flower through, securing with a little glue.

The bag on the left below includes a clasp panel, which is also on the template. There are a few styles to choose from. You may need to trim them down a bit, depending on where you punch holes for your ribbon. You could of course not add handles, if you want a packet design rather than a gift bag.

I've decorated my bags with flowers made using the new Flower Fancies Template (coming soon). Bag number one is using the Rose template and the second bag uses the Simple Petal template posted as a Member's Goody the other day. Scroll back through the blog to find it, together with a set of photo instructions and you can find the download file on the Member's pages. The rose will be part of a download file coming soon.

Happy crafting!

Exploding Hearts Box Card Photo Instructions 2

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Today, we are featuring another surprise box, based on the Exploding Hearts Box Template. I won't be adding lots of detail, so go back and read the previous post if you want to see how we made this box last time.


I've made my box using a black card. This one is actually a bit less work than the previous box we made and lots of fun to make, so read on if you would like to follow this project.

Make the box up as before, crossing the two pieces from the template on top of each other and gluing the bases together. I've decided to add some stamped and embossed panels on my box this time. I don't know about you but I have a big cupboard full of stamps that never get used, so it was great to be able to find a use for this lovely patterned stamp. Actually, I picked it up from a discount store, so it was a good find and is the perfect size for my box.

I've cut and covered my chipboard squares, just like the previous project post. This paper was from a 6 x 6  V&A collection, is very stylish and works well with the black card.

Here is the box with each panel in place. I've left the base black here, as I want it to stand out against the papers.

Next cut the hearts from black card. Use a good stiff card, rather than chipboard and then stamp and heat emboss with gold embossing powder. I've used a nice script stamp here with some appropriate wording.

Fix the hearts under the middle square, which you cut from chipboard from the template and cover in the same way as the previous panels.

Add a mini envelope with a hidden message and seal with a heart sticker or polymer clay heart as I have done here. This box has only one layer of hearts, that makes it much quicker to make.


I've made the lid, with a matching stamped panel.

Tie up the box with some ribbon, so it will fall open when the ribbon is untied. I hope you have enjoyed today's project. If you would like to follow our blog, then please stop by again soon!

PS Please note that all photos labelled as 2014 should be labelled 2015!

Exploding Hearts Box Card Photo Instructions

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Today we are posting the first set of photo instructions for making the Exploding Hearts Greetings Box. Next time, we will post some photos for making a slightly different demo using this template.

I like doing Valentine's Day projects in pink, as I think you can give a gift or card to tell anyone you love them, not just your significant other!

I have chosen some co-ordinating papers for my box, which will be on opposite sides. The best way to use the template is to print it onto card, then roughly cut out and glue the design onto the reverse of the paper you want to use. Then cut around it more precisely and score and fold along the dotted lines.


Next I've cut some chipboard squares using the template. The chipboard is needed to help the flaps of the box fall outwards as you open it, so they give the sides some weight. I've cut my squares using the template, with a thin chipboard, as I don't want them to be too bulky. Glue them to the reverse of some co-ordinating paper, leaving a margin as shown.

Cut around the corners, just like you were covering a book. This will give you a nice neat edge when you fold over the paper.

Next, you need to lay each of your two strips across each other to form a cross and glue then add your covered chipboard squares, one to each side and one as the base.

Make sure that you leave a space at the bottom of each side piece, so that the box can be folded up as shown below. I'm holding the box together here, as an illustration.

Next, I'm using the sheet with the hearts and base (size 1). Cut and paper the square using chipboard but don't stick this down yet.

Cut out your hearts from chipboard and paper them both sides. You don't have to use chipboard here, you could use stiff card instead, just as long as they are able to stand up.

Score along the bottom of the hearts as shown on the template and fix them underneath the middle square, one on each side of the square. Then fix the square to the box base.

There is a second set of hearts and base square (size 2) which you can cut from card and add a second layer, as I have done here. I've added a stamped image in the middle, with some distressed inks around the edges.

Now you can make the box lid. Use the template printed onto card. Glue it to the reverse of the paper you want to use as before, score and fold to form the lid.

Now you can put your box together and decorate the lid. There are some extra hearts in various sizes that you can layer up as shown. Some ribbon and stick on pearls, completes the box. I've also added some ribbon around the top of the box.

I think this makes a lovely gift box or keepsake to make for someone you care about. This one is for my lovely daughter. Next time, we will make another similar box, using a different colour scheme and a different surprise inside!

PS Please note that all photos are date stamped as 2014, which should be 2015!

Exploding Hearts Box Card Template

Posted on February 5, 2015 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)

I love creating unusual cards and especially ones that are tactile. This next project is definitely a tactile one, the Exploding Heart Box Template, makes a special box which opens to reveal layered hearts and a message.This is a lovely project to make and only takes about 1/2 hour to do from start to finish and is a great way to use up those scrap bits of paper that we all have in our stash!

Here is another box, this one is quite stylish and contains a hidden message for your Valentine.

We'll be posting some demo photos next time, so drop by if you would like to see how I made these lovely exploding boxes!

PS Please note that all photos are date stamped as 2014, which should be 2015!

Three Aperture Gift Box Card Photo Instructions

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Today, we will be making the gift box using the 'Three Aperture Gift Box Card' Template. I've printed out the heart aperture but there are 12 designs in all, so you can make this box for many different occasions. As I'm making this for my mother, I've gone for a lovely pink rose glitter paper to decorate the box.


I find the easiest way to do this is to roughly cut out the template and then glue it to the reverse of your paper. Then use the lines as the guide to cut out the shape more carefully.



Next score along the dotted lines with a scoring tool. The better you do this, the sharper the folds will be and the better the box will look.

Cut out the apertures with a scalpel. You will probably find it easier to cut the shape in sections rather than trying to cut around the shape in one hit.


Now you can just fold and glue the box as shown below.


Once your box has dried and fixed, you can attach it to the front of the base card included on the template.


You now just need to add your embellishments inside the apertures. You might find it easier to glue them in place before you assemble the box. I'm using three small hearts which I have cut from chipboard, covered in paper, brushed with distressed ink and decorated with some ribbons and a small message. I've added some ribbon along the bottom, with a chipboard buckle and some stick on pearls. I think this makes a pretty presentation card for a special someone on Valentine's Day. What do you think? Please do leave us a comment below the post and join us next time for another Valentine's themed project!

PS Please note that all photos are date stamped as 2014, which should be 2015!



Three Aperture Gift Box Card Template

Posted on February 2, 2015 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

We are a bit behind here with our Valentine's Day projects! If you are as behind as we are and a bit short of ideas then why not have a look at our Valentines Day cards under the 'Projects and Tips' area of our website, as well as the Photo Gallery under the 'Other Cards' section.You'll find lots of ideas, posted there over the years we have been running this site.


In the meantime, here is another idea which you might like to make. This new template 'Three Aperture Box Card', which you can find on the template pages and features 12 different window designs. We've chosen to use the heart aperture for today's card. The front is actually a slimline box, which leaves lots of room for you to add little embellishments such as buttons, ribbons and even small chocolates inside the windows.I'll post some photo instructions next time for this gift box card.



I've chosen to make this one in pink, rather than traditional red, as I believe that Valentine's Day is an ideal time to tell anyone you love and care about that they are important to you. I've made this gift box card for my wonderful Mum, who had a major stroke a couple of years ago. She can't do much but loves to receive hand-made creations.

Here are a couple more using the heart aperture. This next one is for my lovely husband. A much simpler style in traditional black and red.


The apertures contain polymer clay hearts covered with glitter glue but you could of course use small chocolates!

This last example has opening heart windows, with some hidden messages. I've used an embossing folder to add some texture, which has been rubbed over with some fine sandpaper to give a scuffed effect on the card. Hmm...I just have to decide who to give this one to...

The template includes instructions but we will be posting a 'How to' on the blog, to show how we put the box card together. This template will be popping up again in our Easter ideas too, so please drop by again!

PS Please note that all photos are date stamped as 2014, which should be 2015!

Display Box Template

Posted on December 13, 2014 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Well, our Christmas Countdown Series is coming to a close for this year. I hope you have enjoyed joining us for our projects and have made lots of lovely things with the free templates we have listed. We will soon be taking a break from the blog and hope to be back in the New Year with more projects for you.


Today's blog post contains some project notes for the Display Box Card/Decorative Item Tempate. This project makes a beautiful box for you to hang your embellishments inside. You can make the box as a solid piece or as a foldable card for sending, although you will not be able to add hanging ornaments if you do fold it down. Here are the notes!



Cut out the pieces from the template and score and fold on the dotted lines. Use double sided tape to construct your box.


Cut out the window from the front panel and then attach the two folded side panels to the front panel as shown.


Attach this to the back panel as shown above, this creates the basic box. Now you can either continue to add top and.or bottom pieces or leave it hollow as I have done here.


This allows the box to be folded down for putting in an envelope. If you choose to make the box this way, you will not be able to add hanging embellishments, Instead, you can decorate the back of the box and add embellishments to the inside attached to the side panels.


For this display box, we have a single hanging glitter snowflake, which is attached to a top panel. We'll see how that is done below.

This display box, features a 3D snowflake, which is particularly lovely as it turns around inside. No, its not your eyes, the photo is a little blurred, as the snowflake was turning as I took it.

The snowflakes are made with our free snowflake template. I've cut out four of these from glitter paper and folded them down the middle.

I've completed my display box and placed a piece of stamped snowflake backing paper. If you have been following the series, you will remember we made this backing paper in an earlier blog post, so scroll back to earlier posts if you are interested to see how this was done.


Here is the box from the side.

My 3D snowflake hangs from the top piece as shown. I've punched a small hole through the top, to feed through my string/thread.

You can see how it works here. Again, apologies for the blurry snowflake


Here is another example, this time with a flat die cut snowflake. If you would like to get the template, you will find it listed on our template pages on the left hand sidebar (under Celebration Templates). Well that almost wraps it up for this year, there might be one or two more projects if we have time but if not, have a peaceful and blessed Christmas and New Year. Don't forget if you want to take part in our competition, please get your entries in by December 31.

A final project using the Mini Milk Carton Freebie

Posted on December 12, 2014 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I've had fun playing with the free template to make some mini milk cartons in four sizes and I hope you have managed to make some projects too.


Today's quick project is the last in this series, with another way to use the template, some treat boxes with windows. I think this would make a lovely and inexpensive hand make for the school fair, especially if you have some odd pieces of card or papers lying around to use up. I've used up some treats from Halloween (hence the green and orange colours) but I'll be making some more with Christmas ones, as small gifts for kids.

Make up the boxes as before but just punch a circle or other shape from the front before gluing, so the treats will show through, easy! You can add a string loop to the top so the box can be hung on the tree too.


Thanks for joining us and drop by again soon.  Please do leave us a comment below if you are enjoying this series of Christmas projects.

Freebie Star Box

Posted on December 10, 2014 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Today's project uses a template that was going to be on the chargeable pages. As you know, we charge for a few things to try and cover the yearly site fees, since we stopped running a webstore. This avoids having to have annoying adverts everywhere.


Then I decided, NO, this little template will be on the Free Stuff pages but I could always change my mind, so if you want it, download it right away! The template is in a couple of sizes, so you can make really tiny boxes which actually are better as just decorations to hang on the tree that don't open, like the ones below.

I hope you enjoy making these star boxes too!

Free Template - Pyramid Box

Posted on December 2, 2014 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)


Here is another free template for you, as part of our Christmas Countdown Series, which features projects using all of our templates, freebies or otherwise. We already have a pyramid box on the Free Stuff pages but this one is a little bit different. The pyramid frame sits on the base, which is fixed in place to hide the contents, or you can tie up the box with ribbon, like the example above.

You can see how the box works in the photo above. I've glued my template to the reverse of some pretty paper, cut it out and scored along the lines. The two pieces together with glue or double sided tape, using the tabs provided. You can see how it should look below.


Next, cut out and fold the base piece as shown below.

The top piece slots over the base piece and fixed with glue, tape or a ribbon around the whole box.

Here are some more, using a smaller size and with ribbon attached so they can be hung on the Christmas Tree.

Decorate with gems, trims and beads!

Thanks for reading. Join us for another project soon.

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