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All About Distress Oxide Inks (Part 9)

Posted on May 30, 2017 at 2:35 AM

Life in A Distressing World, Adventures With Oxide Inks (Part 9)

Stamp and Repeat Technique


Sorry for the delay in getting to our last posts on this topic but there have been some minor disasters going on that had to be sorted out but nevermind, we can get back to things now.


Today we are having another quick look at stamping with Distress Oxides. First off, I will go through the different basic ways of stamping and then show a couple of examples where this has been used to produce a background. Read on below!

Example 1 Basic Stamping from the Inkpad

The inks produce a lovely clear image with my leaf stamp, with just using my stamp directly onto the ink pad.

Example 2 – Stamping into Wet Ink

For this example, I have stamped into a puddle of colour on my craft sheet, which gives a nice watercolour effect. This is obviously wet and you will get a washed, blurred image when dry

Example 3 – Sprayed Stamp

Here I stamped into the inkpad and then sprayed the stamp with water before stamping.

Example 4 – Stamping on Wet Paper

Here a basic stamped image was applied to a wet surface.You can see how the ink runs off in the presence of water and if you blot this away, you will be left with a lighter, shadow image as you can see below.

Using These Techniques to Create a Background

Here I have my colours on the sheet. I am using techniques 1 to 3 here and in reverse order.

First I stamp into the puddles of colour, building up layers and colours to produce a nice effect, then stamping with a stamp sprayed with water and then finally a dry stamp to finish.

Some of the flowers are more defined and others with a lighter watercolour effect and this gives the depth.

Here is another example with different colours

Add Distress Ink to Finish

As a final step, you can stamp directly with Distress Ink, to get a really 3D effect. Here I am using the red flowers to accent the piece.

I think the finish with these Distress Oxides is lovely once dried and the depth that you get using these stamping techniques is absolutely stunning. The photos don't do it justice, so why not have a go yourself and most of all have fun with it!!

Thanks for joining me and visit again for Part 10 where I will be looking at some more stamping effects!

Important Stuff

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