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It is always great to get some positive feedback so here are some of the comments received about our projects and products. If you particularly like our site, any of the project ideas, free templates or have been pleased with any of our products and would like others to know, please post them here!

Quotes Such a cute project! Quotes
re: Delightful Window Box project

Quotes What a wonderful project! I just love it. Congratulations on starting your gallery with such a beautiful piece!! Quotes
re: Cupboard Love 'Shabby Chic' project

Quotes Wow! Amazing! Great job. :) TFS Quotes
re: Cupboard Love 'Shabby Chic' project

Quotes Oh my gosh, that is amazing. Love it! Quotes
re: Cupboard Love 'Shabby Chic' Project

Quotes I recently completed some of the cards mentioned in this thread and wanted to give some feedback! These were very easy to make and looked so effective when finished. There was plenty of room for individual designs and tastes, yet easy enough for a beginner cardmaker to do and would make great keepsake gifts for special occasions. On the whole I really enjoyed making them, so please have a look at my blog and tell your friends! Quotes
Owlandpussycat (Made-It forum)

Quotes Hello, thank you for the awesome card kit. I have thoroughly enjoyed making some cards, very easy to do (particularly for someone who has limited use of one hand). The quality is excellent and leaves room for imagination to add a lot of variety and make each card as individual as possible..... Read more about this review on the blog Quotes
NOTWeeds (Made It Forum)

Quotes My clients were really impressed by the innovative designs of the hand-made cards I sent them for Christmas in 2008 and 2009. They stood out amongst the multitude of cards received, identifying my company over my competitors. This was cost-effective corporate entertainment for us which we will repeat. Quotes
Re: Corporate Cards
JH - Director, international accountacy firm, Perth
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