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Mementoes is run by me, 'Imy' with some help from my wonderful

family. I have made and sold cards and other crafts at markets and

on Ebay for several years and now operate from this website.


I have always been a crafter, right from when I could first hold a

lump of plasticine in my hands as a two year old. I have moved on a

litte from there, although I still love my FIMO!


I am always on the look out for new and exciting ideas in the

crafting world. Design is definitely my first love. I dabble in lots of

different crafts and I am always interested in learning a new

skill. I like to think 'outside the box' and mix different art media,

particularly in my home projects.


I love to create and I love to give what I create. People and places

inspire me and I llike to think that I have helped to spread some

happiness through giving people the materials to create for

themselves. I try to bring new and creative ideas to this site and I

love the challenge of trying to design something really different.

 What you see for sale on this site has been made for my own use

primarily and if it works then I post it on the site.


Every product, whether it be a 3D item, card template, digital stamp

or printable has been made and tested first to make sure it works.

Ideas that don't fit this criteria, don't make it onto the site.


Selling a few of the things I have designed gives me the funds to

keep the site running and and create more and that is all the

motivation I need!


If you like our designs, please purchase them for yourself. File

sharing is really stealing intellectual property and without funds,

sites like this one cannot possibly keep running. We do charge for

some of our templates, to cover the upkeep of the site but there are

lots of freebies available to members.


I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my site and I have shared a

little of the magic with you. Please do leave a comment in the

guestbook, we really love to get your feedback.


About our products

We started off this site, designing and producing original card and

chipboard kits using a traditional wooden die-cutting process. As

designing dies is expensive, this remains part of our business but

we have increasingly looked to other ways to develop products.


Downloads have become a rapidly expanding and very important

part of this site. They allow us to bring you new and exciting

designs with no capital outlay, making it cheaper for us and for you

and allow us to reach markets around the world that we cannot do


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