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Free 'Love Words' Backing Papers

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With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, check the Member pages for a set of free backing papers in 8 different colours. Featuring the word 'love' in different languages, you can use these papers on your cards and other projects. Join the site for access for even more free stuff!

Wishing You a Merry Christmas plus free digital images

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After a somewhat troubling year, we hope to be back in 2014 with lots of new projects and ideas and hopefully a change to the website as well.


In the meantime we wish all the visitors to our site a very peaceful and wonderful Christmas and New Year and a special thank you to those who have purchased our templates and taken the time to comment and support the site.

As a thank you to members, you can get three free sample digital images on the Freebie pages, taken from the Christmas Pick n Mix Digital Collection. The full collection features a huge collection of 53 original images ready to be combined, arranged, re-sized and decorated as you wish. Please do share any projects you make with others by posting on the photo gallery or adding a link to the comments section below.

Hugs Imyxx

Special Mum Display Card 'Happy Birthday Mum!'

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I thought I would share this piece I made for my precious Mum for her birthday. She turns a rather stunning 82 tomorrow, so I wanted to give her something that she could keep up on display for a while. This project is actually a display card with a stand, rather than a traditional card and I haven't added a birthday greeting, so she can keep it up past the actual date. This project started off as something else but as is usually the way with craft projects, it morphed into something else. These are always the most enjoyable craft projects, as the end result is a surpise!

Anyway, if you would like to read about this, please read below.

First off, I've cut a piece of chipboard and made a photo frame stand for the back and then painted the board with some brown acrylic paint. I was aiming for a distressed effect and I wanted this to be the base colour that shows through. When this is dry, cover the board with some Crackle Medium.

Then when that is dry, go over the top with a contrasting colour. I've gone for an off-white but you could use any other colour, a lighter one works best.

You can see the almost magical effect you get when the top coat dries and the base coat starts to appear underneath. I love this aged effect and you will see it popping up on the blog again I'm sure!

If you thought that bit was fun, this next bit making the flowers was even more fun. I've punched some scallop circle shapes from paper. I've used five pieces when cutting from plain white paper and four pieces for each flower when using handmade paper, because it is a bit thicker. Then, I've punched a hole in the centre of each scallop and scrunched them up in my hands to make them really crumpled.

Next, I headed for my Distress Ink tin and added colour to the front and back of each piece. Simply layer them up, pin them with a brad, give them another scrunch together and carefully open them out to form each flower. This is really satisfying and the effect is simply stunning. The best thing is you can make your flowers to match your project. I got so carried away with this, that I made heaps of them!!

You can add some clear embossing powder to your flowers to give them a sheen or even some drops of Glossy Accents Dimensional Glue to look like little drops of dew.

I've glued my flowers to the board with some ribbon and beading. The centre piece is just a piece of co-ordinating paper with a stamped message and I've ripped the edges of the stamped piece with a neat little distress tool that I picked up at a craft show. So there you have it, a simple but really fun project to make for your Mum or special friend, or maybe just a display piece for yourself. I'll be covering the dress form in another blog post, so stay tuned if you want to hear about that.

Thanks for reading

Sizzix 'Old School' Die Challenge - hmm the Angel Die

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We are up to the 'Angel' die in the Sizzix Challenge Occasional Series. You can read all about the challenge here if you have missed the reason behind taking on this challenge.

I have to be completely honest and say that I was really not looking forward to this one. I got this die a long time ago, when I was doing lots of school fayres and simply used it to stamp out gift tags, as a quick and easy fund-raiser. Since then, this die has sat on the shelf gathering a thin film of dust, occasionally being looked at and then put back.


I can't pretend I like the somewhat childish design and always felt it was a bit limited in use...well apart from Christmas cards, what can you use it for? OK, I know I am sounding a bit negative here, maybe it is because of the weather today....Here is the die I'm talking about.

The Challenge is to use all the Sizzix Original dies in my collection from A-Z, so I couldn't avoid it....that is the point of the Challenge after all! I have to overcome my overwhelming urge to ignore those things in my craft stash that I don't use and make myself come up with something. Actually, it is quite fun to do...most of the time, but this one really had me stuck. Quite frankly, I just don't like it.


Anyway, you can see my effort above. It had to be a Christmas card and maybe this is why I am grumpy, as it is way too early to be thinking about Christmas. I'm not going to list the tools and equipment for this one, as quite frankly, I don't really like this card!


If you disagree, have produced something nice with it, or think you can make something nicer, please feel free to post a comment below.

Oh..and you can also leave a comment if you would like me to pick it out of the bin and send it to you....bah humbug!


Next up in the challenge is the infinitely more interesting 'Balloons' Die, which promises to be a bit more fun!

Thank you for visiting.

Playing around with UTEE Part 1 - My Tips

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Okay, I know I should be developing new things for the site but I'm definitely in a distracted phase, so while flitting from project to project, I decided that it was time to get the UTEE Melting Pot out and mull things over, while having some down time. Actually, as I got more or less everything wrong, it turned out to be quite a good blog post, on what not to do!


With UTEE, you can create some really cool card embellishments. This one above was a chipboard butterfly, coated in UTEE, stamped and then brushed with Perfect Pearls. I was pretty pleased with this, given how badly it all started out! I certainly don't profess to be any kind of expert with the melting pot but here are some tips from my adventures that you might find useful.


My Tips.... from personal experience!

Tip 1: Plan a melting pot session, as it really takes time and can be messy. You can see in the photo (ignore the packing boxes in the background), that you need to get everything together that you are going to work with, or else you end up constantly running about getting something, which is annoying. My stash is a fair way away and up some stairs, so this got irritating pretty quickly. So get everything you want together in one place. Actually, my table has ended up a bit overloaded and things kept dropping off but at least I have everything I need close by!

My Tip 2: Try and have a good idea of what you want to do before you start and organise the powders you are going to use, to avoid mixing them up. I started off using Clear powder as I had a particular project in mind. Glancing at the pot, I thought I had added Pearl instead of Clear, panicked and then threw in some Blue and Violet (hence the blue butterfly) as well as some extra Pearl. I  then realised that as it had melted, it turned clear and in fact I hadn't added Pearl originally, I had used Clear after all. EEK!! Anyway, it all turned out ok in the end....prepare for disasters but 'don't panic', I think the message is here .

My Tip 3: Make sure you put enough UTEE in the pot. I didn't really add enough at the time, as I never like to waste things and ended up having real trouble chasing my chipboard piece around the pot, trying to get it covered in UTEE. It stuck to everything and ended up a lumpy mess, to be honest. You can always use it up on something else later by throwing it back into the pot, so don't be thrifty.

My Tip 4: Don't stand near an open door when doing this. I have to work in an out-building and kept the door open for ventilation. The problem was that the cold air coming in, seemed to make the UTEE very sticky and less runny. This was super-frustrating and it also seemed to take much longer for the UTEE to melt in the pot in the first place.

Here is the other one I made, this time using a Script Stamp on a chipboard tile and then dusting with Violet Perfect Pearls. I liked this one, but I'm not sure the script stamp worked that well on such a small square. Choosing the right design stamp is half the skill I guess.

Anyway, the Melting Pot is super fun, if a bit frustrating and if you have an hour or two to spare, then it is a good way to drum up some card embellishments. Yes, I know, I only made two things but this was because of all the things I did wrong. Next time, I will be prepared!

Sizzix 'Old School' Die Challenge - Baby Carriage

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I wanted to start this post off by wishing my favourite site member Marion, "Congratulations!!".Marion has just had a new beautiful grand-daughter called Lacey and mother and baby are apparently doing very well!


In the light of this lovely news, I thought it would be appropriate to skip a couple of the projects in the Sizzix Challenge and go straight to the Baby Carriage die and feature a card I have made for Lacey. Don't you just love the opportunity to make a baby card!


As we are so far away, I thought that this would be the best way to send a card, so I hope you don't mind me mentioning you on this post Marion. If you pm me your address, I'll send it to you!


No project notes for this one, as it is pretty straightforward, using the Sizzix Baby Carriage die and a medium sized flower punch, together with some pretty papers and trims.


The next project will feature the Angel die, as I forgot this one on the last blog post..duh. If you would like to follow this feature, you can read all about the Challenge by clicking the Sizzix Challenge category on the right hand side-bar. If you have this die and would like to contribute, then just send us a photo, upload one to the gallery or put a link in the comments section of this blog. The idea is to create a directory of projects for those of us, who still have these original dies.


I've had a scout around the web but couldn't find much featuring this die unfortunately but I will try to find and link to any projects using the dies as we carry on with the series.

Mother's Day Cards

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Teacup Card Template

With Mother's Day approaching very rapidly, don't forget there are heaps of ideas for card and other projects in the Projects and Tips section of the website, so why not hop over and have a look? There are free items like backing papers and digital stamps, for Mother's Day in the Free Stuff area too.


Here are just a few ideas, using some of our card and chipboard templates.

Chipboard Fan and Card Template

Apron Card Template

Flower Card Templates

Window Card Template

Screen Card Template

Vase and Flower Cards

Chipboard Window Box Template

Sizzix 'Old School' Die Challenge - Ancient Page Tag

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If you have been following the occasional series entitled:

'I am going to do a project using every Sizzix Original Die in my collection from A to Z, because I am feeling guilty that I have shelves and shelves of them, which I never use',

I have finally got around to posting this third project, to make a music themed gift tag. Things have been so busy around here, that there is just no time for blog posts! The new digital stamp sets, Baking Day 1 & 2 have taken a long time to finish and there are always new things on the drawing board, as well as the usual problems in life, like sickness, sickness of other people, etc. etc.


Anyway, back to the tag...I've made this for my mother to use on a gift for a leaving present for someone in her choir. Actually I made two, as two people were leaving. For this project, I have used the 'Ancient Page' Large Die, the Super Tag Traditional Die and the small green treble clef die. You don't need all these dies, as you can substitute with other tools but the idea is to just design a project around a basic theme. Here is the equipment and materials list.

Equipment and Materials

  • Sizzix Dies, Ancient Page, Super Traditional Tag and Treble Clef
  • Hero Arts Design Blocks Pinstripe Stamp
  • Stamp It ' New Pianoforte Music'
  • Perforating Tool or an Embossing Tool
  • Handmade Paper and Cream Card
  • Versa Fine Sepia Ink
  • Distress Inks - Tea Dye, Scattered Straw, Vintage Photo, Old Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Gold Foil or Mirror Board
  • Gold Pen
  • Glue/tape

I've cut the ancient page from this lovely thick handmade paper, with plenty of texture to pick up the ink

Next, I've stamped the die cut with this favourite music stamp of mine by Stamp It and a Versafine Sepia ink.

I wanted a border around the edge of the stamped image, so I've just used a piece of scrap to pick up the excess ink.

Here we go again with the trusty Distress Inks, the usual suspects, Tea Dye, Old Paper, Vintage Photo together with a bit of Scattered Straw. I am so attached to these, that I think I will have to have them buried with me eventually!

I've scrunched it up and then opened it up again, before going at it with the Distress Inks, to give it a really old and worn appearance.

Next up, this background stamp from Hero Arts, using the Sepia ink again. I bought this at a show a long time ago and couldn't really think what to use it for...hmm sounds familiar. Anyway, I like the patchy look to this stamp and thought it would work well with this project.

To match up the ribbon, I've gone back to the Distress inks.

Then I've cut the treble clef from a piece of gold foil but mirror card would work just as well. I wanted to make use of the foil, as it is another thing that has sat around in the cupboard for far too long. It looked a bit plain, so I've added a rivet effect with this neat little tool, I found in the sewing bit of the craft store.

Finally, a bit of gold around the edges of my tag and there we go!

If you have any of these dies and would like to post a project for others to enjoy, please add a link below in the comments section, or upload a photo to the members' gallery. The idea of the challenge is to build up a store of projects for people, as there is very little around on the web these days using them. You can also check out previous projects by clicking on the menu item on the right hand side bar. The next project will feature the very much underused large 'Balloons' Die, so please join us next time, if you have shelves full of unused dies, or if you just have a minute or two to visit!

Freebie Digital Stamps - Baking Day Collections

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Visit the Free Stuff pages for a couple of new freebie digital stamps, taken from our new Baking Day Collections 1 & 2 - 'Mmmm a plate of cookies!'


Register with the site to view all the free stuff on our Member Pages

Sizzix 'Old School' Die Challenge - Mini Album Cover and Pages

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Here is the second post in our occasional series, a challenge to try and use my overflowing collection of 'original' Original Sizzix dies. This one, uses the Mini Album Cover and Pages, to make some sweet little notebooks, ideal for making for fundraising or charity stalls. I put a pile of these little books with some other handmade items in a basket, when I was having my last craft clearout/garage sale and they all sold, much to my surprise. Anyway, here is the project list:

Equipment and Materials

  • Sizzix originals die Album Cover and Pages (Mini)
  • Stampin Up 'Seeing Spots'
  • Kaisercraft Stamp Set 'Friends'
  • Fiskars Scallop Circle Punch
  • A circle punch if you have one but you can cut by hand like I have
  • Pink and lilac card
  • Versa Color Amethyst and Lilac
  • Pink and lilac ribbons
  • Pink and lilac stick on gems
  • Foam pads, glue
  • White paper for note pages

This is the die that I'm using today

I've cut out some covers from the pink and lilac card and stamped over them with the Seeing Spots stamp set from Stampin Up.

Next, I've punched some scalloped circles with my trusty Fiskars punch.

I wanted a message or a design in the middle of my scalloped circles, so I've gone for one of the flower images on this lovely setcalled 'Friends' from Kaisercraft.

I've just assembled my flowers using foam pads and put a simple gem in the middle. The books are tied together with some co-ordinating organza ribbon. There you go, a very simple little 'make' for your next craft fair.

I hope you have enjoyed this project, please leave us any comments or questions below and post any links to projects you have made, if you are joining in with this challenge.

I'd love to build up an archive of projects, so if you have this die in your collection gathering dust, then why not join in! You can read more about the challenge I have set myself to use all my dies here

Previous projects: Large Album Cover and Pages


Free Template - Exploding Box

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Our new free template is to make a cute exploding box. I actually saw something similar at my parents' house. I believe it might have originally held chocolates and that is probably what caught my eye!  Anyway, I decided it would be a nice design so here is a smaller version of the box, with a few tweaks, so you can make one too!


Cut out the pieces from a good weight card, you don't want it too light or the box will be flimsy, but you also don't want it too heavyweight or the folded corners will be too stiff.  


I've covered mine with some pretty papers, free from some magazine. Score along the dotted lines and glue or tape together. Here are a couple of photos.

Once you have score the lines, you just need to push the box inwards, so that the corner folds sit inside. The lid will hold the box together and then it will open out when you take the lid off. A bit of ribbon, makes a nice finishing piece and holds the box together too.

Click here for the Template

Happy Crafting!

Please leave any comments or questions below and register with the site for lots more free templates, printables and digital images.

Torn Mulberry Paper Background Cards

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I love experimenting with different media and I particularly love getting super-messy. If you read this blog regularly, you will know that I have been complaining about all the equipment and materials that I have in my craft area.

I have been trying to find ways to use up things and one of those things was a big box of handmade papers and mulberry/tissue papers, I found under my table. I had actually been using the box as a footrest and had no clue what was in there!


I can't resist buying handmade papers, whenever I come across them, so I have quite a few in this box. Mulberry papers were very popular on cards a few years ago but have probably fallen out of favour more recently. Actually, I never got much further than just sticking the mulberry paper on a card and then adding an embellishment and in fact these were always very popular cards, when I was selling them. This card, is still very popular and I always make a batch at Christmas.


The simplicity of beautiful papers is still a thing I return to over and over again. I much prefer something visibly handmade but simple and luxurious, than the very fussy trends in card making, using intricate dies, that end up looking mass names mentioned there.


Anyway, enough of the whingeing, if you like this kind of thing, then here is a quick photo tutorial for you. I think you will agree, that the end result is very beautiful, even if the photos really don't do the cards justice here on the website.


If you want to pop around and see them in person, you are very welcome, I'll put the kettle on!:)

Pick a range of co-ordinating colours. I've gone for lilacs, purple, dark blue and white to start with. Tear each piece into little pieces and glue them onto a piece of paper or thin card. I've used white here but chosen black for some of the others, which is useful if you want to leave small parts of the background showing through. Overlay pieces on top of each other to create a collage effect. Don't worry about going off the side of the paper, you can trim this off later.

You can brush over your papers with some perfect pearls to add some shimmer, if you like but be careful if you have lots of glue showing, as this will pick up lots of powder and make a bit of a mess with your brushes. Just flick a brush over the top. You can also use some pearl effect glues if you have them too.

After waiting for this to dry, I've then stamped over the papers with an ornate stamp. This one gave an effect of a clock, which was quite effective. I'm using an acrylic gold paint here, as I want texture, which ink won't give. Just make sure you wash your stamp off right away, using an old toothbrush to get into the design. If you let it dry, it is much harder to clean up and can ruin your stamps. This stamp had an acrylic back, which was easier to clean, as I could immerse it in water (something I don't like to do with my wooden backed stamps). It is probably best to choose an old stamp that you are not too attached to!

Finally, I've added some dabs of Stickles Glitter Glue, with my fingertip, to add a bit of sparkle. The only reason I used my fingertip was because I have lost all my glue brushes, not because it had to be done that way.

Here is the finished piece, which I've trimmed around the edges. You can cut it up, matt on some co-ordinating card and use as a simple but beautiful embellishment. The texture of the paper is very visible and makes the card quite tactile, something which is difficult to see on a 2 dimensional photo!

Here are some more papers, just using different colours and stamps.

Green papers with a leaf stamp background

This one used a black backing paper, which shows through here and there. I've used a flower stamp with this one.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Why not have a go with this very simple but satisfying technique and produce some beautiful and stylish cards too. Please do leave any questions you have or any comments on this technique below.

Happy Crafting!

Sizzix 'Old School' Original Die Challenge - Album Cover and Pages

Posted on April 13, 2013 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (3)

Here is the first project in the Sizzix Challenge. This uses the Album Cover and Pages dies to make a Distressed Notebook. If you would like to see the photo tutorial, please scroll down this post.

Sizzix original dies - Album Cover, Album Pages and small die, Dragonfly

If you have completed a project and would like to join in the challenge, then post a link in the comments section below, or send a photo to us here at Mementoes. You can also upload to the Wall of Fame Gallery in the Photo Album too. Here is the materials and equipment list, if you would like to make this project. You can of course substitute other stamps and inks that you have, you just need the basic die cut shape.


Materials and Equipment List

  • Sizzix original dies - Album Cover, Album Pages, Dragonfly
  • Hero Arts - Old French Writing Stamp
  • Fiskars - Zinnia Zing Stamp
  • Distressed inks - Tea Dye, Vintage Photo, Old Paper (if you have all the inks, you can also add Antique Linen, Frayed Burlap, Aged Mahogany).
  • Gold Inkpad
  • Versafine Sepia Inkpad
  • Gold Perfect Pearls
  • Gold Liquid Pearls
  • Cream textured card for covers and white paper for pages
  • Chipboard
  • Brown Grossgrain ribbon
  • PVA glue

I've cut the front and back of my album from a textured cream card and used distressed inks around the edges to get a vintage effect. Just mix and match the colours you have, you can't really go wrong with this bit.

This the lovely Fiskars Zinnia Zing stamp set, which I got at a discount but never got around to using. I've used the top image for this project, as I like the flourish part. The stamp has a distressed effect, which works nicely here, especially with the sepia ink and the textured cream card.

I've then stamped over the rest of the cover, front and back with the Hero Arts Old French Writing stamp (my absolute favourite background stamp). To get the almost faded effect, I stamped the ink off on a scrap piece of paper first, so the ink wasn't too dark. Cut some pages from paper using the Album Pages die, then tie the album together with the brown ribbon.

I've cut a dragonfly from chipboard and then inked it with some gold ink. I've added some distressed inks around the edges after the gold dried, to tone down the gold a bit and give it an antique effect.

I've added some detail to the dragonfly with liquid pearls then fix to the front of the album with my tacky PVA.

Then a little brush over the front with some gold perfect pearls powder to give a shine and catch the light.

A quick notebook project completed!

I hope you have enjoyed this first quick project. Read about the challenge here. Keep an eye out for the next one using the Mini Album Die and please do add a comment or a link to your challenge project below!

Sizzix 'Original Dies' Challenge Projects

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Those of you who have followed this blog for a while will know that we don't just post about our templates and products, but about papercrafting in general. That is why we have so many project tips, techniques, ideas and freebies, completely unrelated to items we have for sale, which fund the website.

I personally like to pass on things I have tested and found, as it is nice to think that others can find something useful when they browse our site. This thought has inspired this blog post for an occasional series that might pop up on the site from time to time and is aimed at those of us who have been around in the crafting world for a while and have a cupboard full of the old Sizzix original dies.


If you are anything like me, you will have cupboards overflowing with craft equipment and materials, that you never seem to have time to get around to using. The other day, I decided, enough was enough and I was going to try to use everything at least once. Believe me, with the amount of stuff I have, that is one serious challenge!!


The biggest problem, is my collection of Sizzix original dies, as they take up so much space. I was never much of a scrapbooker and the die cuts do tend to be a bit on the large size for cards, so I haven't used them much beyond a few card projects and fundraising for school fairs. If you search about on the internet, there aren't many project ideas for using these dies either, so it can be difficult to be inspired.

I just can't seem to get rid of them though, as I love the way they were the original popular craft die, they are virtually indestructible, can cut through almost all craft materials and are very simple, leaving you 'the crafter' to be creative. There are so many different dies around now, but I tend to think they are just too ornate and fiddly, leaving the crafter with little space to add value.

So, I've decided to start an occasional challenge series, to try and use all my Sizzix dies, starting with the large red ones, then moving onto the medium yellow and finally the small green ones, although individual projects may feature red, yellow or green dies.This could take some time!

Along the way, I'll be trying to use stamps, embossing folders and other equipment, as well as different inks and craft materials and involve a range of different crafting techniques. If we ever manage to get to the end, I'm going to try and start going through my Hero Arts and Stampin Up stamps and then my extensive Cuttlebug embossing folders. I'm still thinking about whether to take on my Quickutz dies, as this might be one step too far for sanity!

If you have a collection of Sizzix dies and would like to join in this little challenge, then just post a link in the comments section below the blog post for any projects you have finished, using the die that we are featuring in that post. It might be nice to build up a range of projects for each die, for others to refer to. You could also upload them to the Photo Gallery too.

The first project will start at 'A' with the Album Cover and Pages dies, so look out for that if you are interested and please do post a link to any projects you have completed yourself. If you prefer, you can upload a photo on your member profile, or send a photo by email.


Actually,  I don't own all the originals dies, by a long shot, so there will be a fair few missing, but we should be able to cover a few over the months ahead. Happy crafting!


Free backing Paper - Time for Tea

Posted on April 9, 2013 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (0)

To mark the launch of our new digital collection 'Tea and Coffee Time', here is a free printable backing paper, available to members.


Just register with the site and visit the Free Stuff pages to download 3 sheets featuring just a couple of the 51 separate images and words from this great value digital stamp collection.


Perfect for ladies cards and for a range of occasions, you can combine these digital images to create an infinite number of layouts

Designed to compliment our shelf, display and shop templates, you canalso use these images on their own resizing and colouring them as you wish.

Update: We are always looking for people to produce demos for the site. If you enjoy working with digital images and would like to be considered as a casual designer, please contact us. We don't pay for design, as we operate the site to cover our costs, but you will receive a free set of the digital images to work with and the opportunity to publicise your blog or site too!

Russian Dolls Template

Posted on April 6, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Russian Doll Cards in four sizes

Our new card template, is a 'fun to make' Russian Dolls Card.

Concertina Card using the Russian Dolls Template

This is an easy project would make a nice Mother's Day Card, or for children to make.

The template includes:

  • Paper piecing template - mix and match pieces, including a basic doll shape, apron, shawl, bonnet, stand, blank face and printed face in 4 sizes, ideal for scrapbook and card embellishments.
  • Folded card template - print, cut and fold in 3 sizes.
  • Concertina card template - print, cut and fold concertina card.

Easter Purses

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (2)

Here is another sweet Easter project for you, using our free mini purses template. These make a lovely way to give a small treat, if you have lots of little ones to give something to. They would also make a great fete or fair item. I've made the ones above for my daughter to take in to school for a few little friends. Simply cut out your purses from some coloured card, score and fold and then decorate with scraps of ribbon, gingham papers and paper flowers. I've used a mixture of punched and paper flowers on mine. Add a handle with a short piece of ribbon taped inside the purse and staple a small treat inside.

You can get the template free from our Member's pages. Happy crafting!

Hanging Easter Egg Card

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Following from the ribbon egg cards, here is another quick Easter Card idea, using the free Oval Template posted on the blog yesterday. If you have oval aperture cards, then you can make this card really quickly.


I've added a piece of embossed paper to the front, to give interest and the hanging egg is a stamped and coloured Easter egg image. If you don't have a stamp and want to make a card like this, you can use one of the images on our free Easter printables available on the Free Stuff pages.

If you are looking for more ideas for Easter, why not have a look at some of the following projects, using some of our templates.

Easter Basket and Egg Card Template

Chipboard Baskets Template

Chipboard Easter Baskets and Eggs

Free Easter printables (available on the Free Stuff pages)

Happy Crafting!

Easter Projects - Ribbon Egg Cards plus free Oval Template

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (2)

Well, the blog has been quiet for a while, as we have had a big move to contend with, on top of other things and it has been a pretty stressful time. It is definitely time to get back to posting some craft projects, so with Easter approaching, here is a nice idea for a last minute card.


If like me, you have left your Easter cards to the last minute, this is a super simple but beautifully effective idea to try. To make these ribbon eggs, you will need some oval aperture cards and a collection of ribbons.

Choose mixed textures and widths in the same colour. I have bags of odds and ends to use up and this is a great way to use them.

On the reverse of the aperture, put pieces of double-sided tape, all around the opening and peel off the backing.

 Now just start to add strips of ribbon across the aperture, making sure you mix the textures and widths to give interest. You can lay them out first to check the design, before sticking them down.

To hide the ribbons on the reverse side, just stick a piece of paper or thin card, cut to size over the top.

Add a border sticker around the opening and a greeting and you are finished. A lovely simple but very tactile card, that looks more expensive than it is. This would also make a great card for kids to make too!

This was such a fun card to make, that I have made a few in all different colours.

If you don't have any oval aperture cards, you can cut your own using an oval template and if you don't have an oval template, then you can use the ones on the link below. I've used the second largest oval for my apertures.

Cut your template from card and then draw around it onto your base card. Cut the oval out by cutting across the oval from side to side a few times and then cutting each piece out.

Download the free oval template here

Happy Crafting!

Valentine's Day Cards - Love Bird Collection Plus Free Candy Jar Template

Posted on January 10, 2013 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (2)

My lovely stash to make Valentine's Cards

Well here we are in 2013, a new year, ready to be filled with all kinds of creative projects and energy! With Valentine's Day advancing quickily, I thought I had better get myself organised and produce something.


This is no easy matter, as all my crafty things have been stashed away, ready for another move. All I have to use is a pair of almost blunt scissors and a very sad looking old gluestick.  I decided to go and take advantage of the sales and treat myself to a few items so that I can make some cards to post on the blog.


I usually go with the traditional red and black theme but decided that I would go pink and chocolate this year and set myself the challenge of producing a range of cards, with just the items you can see above, plus maybe a few stray things I found while clearing out. So, no embossing folders, no fancy inks or stamps, no other special tools or embellishments.


You can see the results below, all turned out in about an hour and a half. Time is short at the moment, in between packing and wrapping, so I was quite pleased with the results.


All the cards are themed around the Bella, 'Love Bird' Paper Collection, which you can pick up at Spotlight. The ribbons are a set called 'Country' and I've picked out all the pinky and brown ones. Limiting yourself to just a few items and then trying to make as many cards as you can, is actually quite fun!

You can get the template for the the candy jar, in three different sizes, on the freebie pages!


If you don't hear much from the blog for a while, that is because we are moving again. We hope to be posting again in the near future.