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Short Tutorial - Folded Tree Temporary Fix

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Just to say I am having major problems uploading and embedding the second video showing the folded tree tutorial, so follow this link if you wish to view, until we can get it loaded properly on the site.

Click here for the video

Short Tutorial - Origami Tree

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As promised, a quick video showing the basic folds to create the origami tree using our Member's free template.

Christmas '15' Series Folded Trees

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Visit the Member's pages to find another free template to use. There is still lots of time to make your last minute special cards for those people you like to spend a little more time making something for.

I know I always say this but I really have been having so much fun with this quick and super easy folded technique.

You don't need a template for this but as usual, we have done all the hard work for you, so you can get both a straight edge and scallop edged template in loads of different sizes.

I like to share things I make for myself, that is really what the site is all about.


Make it simple or add lots of glitter and decorative elements to make your cards as simple or complex as you like.

I hope you have enjoyed these demo cards. I will post up a quick photo tutorial in the next few days but it really is a simple backwards and forwards fold.

Sad News

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Unfortunately I have been unable to update the site over the last few days as my dear Mum had a very large heart attack on Friday last week. She is currently in hospital, very poorly, as she already had suffered a massive stroke a couple of years ago which had left her unable to communicate or move.


Obviously we don't know whether she will pull through but we are praying hard for her. Those who have read this site over the last few years know that all my projects are inspired by my beautiful Mum, so I thank her for her kind, gentle inspiration and encouragement and I know she will always be around in some way, still encouraging and praising everything I do.


I will be posting the final few blog posts already written but all new projects will be held over until next holiday season.


Best wishes and hugs for Christmas and New Year to you all.

Christmas '15' Series Another Quick Card

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Just a card idea photo today. Simple stamping and a combination of wet and dry embossing to make a quick but pretty card.

Have a great day!

Christmas 15 Projects Video Summary

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A quick video showing some of the projects featured this year in our Christmas 15 series. I hope you have enjoyed visiting our site in the run up to Christmas Day. Become a member for free or bookmark the site to share in future projects!

Christmas '15' Series 3 Aperture Card Six - Little Treats

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Here is the last one of these cards for the time being. I just wanted to show that this card looks just as good covered with scrapbook papers as plain card.


I was going to stick some chocolates in the windows this time but decided that I would opt for embellishments instead. Small chocolates would fit in the apertures perfectly and you can choose one of the apertures with opeing windows to hide them behind as we made in an earlier demo last year. Have a look in the photo gallery for one with windows.

Christmas '15' Series 3 Aperture Card Five - Winter Scene

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Today's Aperture Card features a snow scene. I don't know if it is wishful thinking with these snow scenes that I keep creating but I love them! The funny thing is that the moment my husband bought two rather expensive sledges three years ago, there has not been a single flake of snow around here to speak of. The sledges have been gathering dust and cobwebs in the garage ever since. Typical!


Anyway, to get the single window on this card, just cut across the three rectangle windows to form a large aperture that you can go to town with and decorate as you wish.


As I type I am having some more ideas for this one, so I might have to go and make a couple more. Don't worry, I probably won't post them on the blog, as I am sure you are pretty much sick of seeing all these.


This is the second to last one of these Aperture Cards and you can always tell the templates I enjoy using the most as they get hundreds of demos made! Last one tomorrow.

Christmas '15' Series 3 Aperture Card Four - Starry Windows

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Well time is marching on, so I am trying to get the rest of the posts for Christmas done as quickly as possible, as other things take over as we get closer to Christmas itself.


All that food for the Christmas meal takes a bit of planning, even with a small family. I am known for my ability to forget something crucial every year, so hopefully this year I will manage to get my act together and provide a complete and edible Christmas lunch for everybody. I have never poisoned anyone though which is a bonus I suppose! 


Anyway, here is Number four in this mini series of Aperture Cards. I have been having a lot of fun with this template as you can fill the windows with more or less anything.


If you have an electronic cutter (no names mentioned), this will be a doddle to make but perfectly possible with a scalpel knife. To cut the circles, just cut across in circle a few times and cut in sections. You won't get such a neat finish with scissors but that is no problem, as everyone will be focussed on the items in the window anyway!

Embossing the card after cutting the holes gives a lovely finish, as does a bit of Perfect Pearls powder to make it sparkle. I have a couple more of these cards to post which will appear over the next few days, so drop by again if you would like to see them.

Christmas '15' Series Handmade Ornaments Cards

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A few blog posts back I promised to do something with those gorgeous plaster of paris ornaments made with the cake mould, so here are a few demo cards for you!

I have painted my ornaments with acrylic paints and dusted them with Perfect Pearls to give them a shimmer.

Skip back through the blog if you would like to see them in their raw form.


Actually, it is a very cost effective way to make card embellishments, although I did mention that probably an air dry clay would be a better option for posting, or in fact polymer clay if you have it.

A tiny gift card to finish, with just the mounted embellishment. Nothing more needed really!

I hope you have enjoyed these demo cards. Stop by again soon!

Christmas '15' Series Origami Trees - Member's Goodies

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A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to go to a fantastic Japanese show. There were lots of stalls there with tempting things to part you with your money. I won't say how much I spent but I did come back with some lovely Japanese stationery (Japanese stationery is the best), hair accessories, fluffy toys and other things. I managed to keep away from the Sake tasting thank goodness, although my husband was quite keen on the beers. Actually, most of the things for sale were pretty expensive, so it was a case of look but don't touch!


Beautiful Japanese dolls caught my eye, as you can see below.


Also, stunning miniature flower garden arrangements.

Anyway, as is always the case when you go to shows, I came back full of enthusiasm for all things Japanese. So in the spirit of Christmas and Japan, here are a couple of quick but I think, stunning cards to make using a simple folding technique.


You can get a template on the Member pages, which helps with the folds and I will post a quick 'how to' soon, if you haven't already seen these made.The template includes squares in different sizes so you can create a larger tree or some smaller ones as shown in the demo cards below.


This first card uses stamped papers in a silver theme and mounted on some blue vellum paper and secured with star brads. I've added some extra glitter snowflakes as well.

This next card is in a traditional red and green theme, with mixed green papers and a small foil star.

Christmas '15' Series 3 Aperture Box Card Three - Little Trees

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Oh my goodness, the size of my ironing pile today! Do I just put it in another room and conveniently not be able to see it, or do I tackle the mountain? I think I have to face it, or else everyone will be complaining that they have to wear the clothes left in the bottom of their cupboards, or walk around looking like they have just stepped out of a bush.


Anyway, here is today's card, number 3 in the series using the '3 Aperture Card.' The last two posted used circle apertures, so this one has rectangular ones instead, which works well with the shape of the embellishment.


I  really love the little wooden shapes available now,  they are so detailed and pretty. I am using them exactly as they came in the packet really, except for the gold one which I have painted with gorgeous glittery gold paint. This gold paint is sooo fantastic. I bought a huge bottle at great expense from Collins Craft in Perth, WA a few years ago and I am very protective of it. Nowhere else stocks such gorgeous paint, that really sparkles and it even seems to have flecks of real gold in it, although I doubt this is true at the price I paid.

Anyway, not much else to do with this card, just mount and add a ribbon.


Try not to sit on it though, as I have clearly done to mine...yes I really did sit on it! Please ignore the huge dent on the top corner and try to imagine a perfectly finished item... :D

Christmas '15' Series 3 Aperture Box Card Two - Snowflakes

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I am home today so I should be able to get some work done including finishing some projects to be posted on the blog. Actually, I am having to wait in for some parcels to be delivered.


I love shopping online, it is so much easier than traipsing all around the shops but I have had some major problems with deliveries and delivery drivers in my time.


On occasion I have had to climb into bushes and bins to find parcels that have been left, sometimes they have been ruined by rain, visit other houses to reclaim my stuff delivered to the wrong house or arrive home to find that I have missed the delivery by about 30 seconds and now have to drive half an hour to a parcel depot to pick it up! I have also had drivers unable to find my house and give up and have on occasion had to stand in the road flagging them down. I have even run down the road chasing a van and screaming for them to stop before! At times I wonder if any of it is worth it. Anyway, enough of my complaining.


Today's card features little wooden snowflakes, painted with some silver paint and an adhesive gem in the middle of each one. I have embossed the card and used my Perfect Pearls to add some glitz, which you can see in the close up photo below..

Christmas '15' Series 3 Aperture Box Card One - Poinsettia

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I can't believe how fast time flies when you are rushing around trying to get things done. I think something weird happens with clocks, they really do speed up when you are busy and short of time. I have been buzzing around all over the place the last two days, doing my Christmas shopping, amongst other very important tasks, so the planned projects have hit the back burner. I imagine you are all very busy too with your festive projects but hopefully not too busy to not come and check this blog!


Anyway, I have managed to take a few photos and have two more freebie templates to be posted this week, as well as a backing paper that I am working on. I will post that next week if I don't manage to do it this week.


Here is a quick and very effective card idea, using the Frayed Florals and Festive Foliage Template launched last month. I am using the mini flowers to make my poinsettias and the 3 Aperture Card Template makes a lovely display case for the flowers. I have a few more of these, so I will post one each day this week, so at least something gets posted!

Time Out - Plaster of Paris Ornaments

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Another busy day visiting, so I thought I would just post a couple of photos of some sweet little Christmas ornaments I made the other night. Sorry about the quality of the photos which were taken under artificial light. Also I was embarrassed to see the state of the craft mat, but at least it shows how much use it gets.


Anyway, the link to yesterday's post about the igloo cake, was that these little ornaments were made using a cake mould. I was rifling through my cake making supplies looking for inspiration for the cake and found these. No point keeping them for all the cakes I am not going to make, so much better to use them for other craft projects. 


I have used plaster of paris to make them, which is always a bit touch and go, as to how they will turn out. Air dry clay would be tougher and better but as I  couldn't find any in my craft supplies but had bags a huge bag of plaster of paris (no idea why), this was the best option.

Then the fun part, painting them with some acrylics. I intended to use these on one of the Aperture Cards that I will be posting next week but I might mount them directly onto a card instead. They are nice enough to be more prominent on a card. Of  course they will not be strong enough to stand up to posting, so clay would have been better. I will post the result up as soon as I have finished it. Have a great weekend!

Time Out for Something Different - Igloo Cake

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No cards today, as things are getting busier towards Christmas. I haven't been sitting around doing nothing though, as the picture above shows. Tasked with a cake for a competition at my child's school, I managed to come up with this. I am not going to lie, the best bit was the modelling of the penguin and tree - just like using polymer clay!

The bad news was that I made it a day earlier than I was supposed to and as it has to sit around until Saturday afternoon, I was concerned about poisoning the poor person who ended up buying it, so  guess what I had to do next.....make another one. Actually the new one turned out a lot better than the old one, and at least there are plenty of willing testers to eat the spare cake!

Christmas '15' Series Frayed Florals and Festive Foliage 'Card for Mum'

Posted on December 2, 2015 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (2)

Today, I'm sharing the card I've made for my lovely Mum this year. Featuring a layered poinsettia, stamped with glitter embossing powders and mounted on a simple embossed background, this is an easy card to make. The glitter embossing gives a nice effect, almost like a fabric. I scrunched up the paper a bit first as well, which adds to the impression of material rather than paper. I'm using the Frayed Flower Template here to make the layered flower by the way.

I will be adding a special message to her inside and it will be going on her pin board, so she can look at it from her bed in the nursing home. I love making things for her, she is always brutally honest about things and manages to indicate exactly what she likes and what she doesn't, even though she no longer speaks. Most of the ideas you find on this site are inspired by her. I make sure to keep her up to date with the site by showing her the latest posts.

Love you Mum!

Christmas '15' Series Bow Template - More Cards

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I am quite busy working on some more demo projects for this week, apart from all kinds of family related issues, so a quick post today with three more cards ideas using the Bow Template. There are simple bows on the Tree and small gift card and a split bow on the Ornament Card.


I have made use of my embossing folders and stamps to make the bows more interesing. They work particularly well with embossed papers and add some Perfect Pearls to give the paper a bit of shimmer (bit difficult to see in this photo I am afraid). This is such a versatile template which can be used on all kinds of occasions, not just for the Holidays so check out the Photo Gallery for more ideas!

Christmas '15' Series Digital Image Tree

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Today I am posting a couple of quick cards using a digital Christmas Tree image that you can get on the Member pages (Christmas 15) as a JPEG or PNG file.

A simple festive image to decorate as you wish. Hope you like it!

Christmas '15' Series Frayed Florals and Festive Foliage Pretty Window Card

Posted on November 30, 2015 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (2)

Today's festive card is made using the Window Card Template, with flowers, holly and ivy from the Frayed Florals and Festive Foliage Template, together with some simple flourish die cuts. The background is made more interesting by adding texture using a brick embossing folder, dusted with a little chalk to give dimension. This card is so simple to make but looks like you have spent ages doing it, which is always the best type to make!


Tomorrow, I'll be posting a couple of cards using the digital image which will be available for site members on the Member pages, so join us then!