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Christmas '16' Series Video Part 2

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Here is a summary of the rest of our Christmas Series projects in Part 2. Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyous festive season and join us back in the New Year for more projects!

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Christmas '16' Wrapping Paper Bags

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Our final project for this year, is to make some lovely gift bags for your presents using either backing papers for smaller bags or a piece of wrapping paper, to make bags of more or less any size.The video below uses a sheet from our Scandinavian Knit themed papers set and will make a small bag for maybe some chocolates or a piece of jewellery but if you use a piece of wrapping paper you can make much bigger bags that co-ordinate with your other gifts. Here is a bag using that same paper we used to make our crackers/bon bons.

So here is a quick video tutorial showing the folds to make the gift wrap bags!

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Christmas '16' Sweater Cards with Festive Knit Backing Papers

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Our last card for this year, before leaving for a well earned rest features the Scandinavian Knit themed papers, this time combining them with the Sweater/Jumper Template. Again, these are simple and quick to make with a fun result that you can personalise to the recipient. I have decided to use the smaller ones with the smaller sized print for gift tags to use on my gifts this year.

 You could add a festive greeting but I think they look quite cute on their own. As these are fun to do, they make a good project for the children to get involved with and can be made for any occasion really, not just Christmas!


There is a sample page of the backing papers added to the Member pages so check there to try it out.

Christmas '16' Mini Crackers using Scandanavian Knit Backing Papers

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Those of you who have read this blog over the years, will know that I love making little gifts to put on the Christmas Tree or on the dinner table. This was the thinking behind today's design, a set of lovely mini crackers/bon bons that you can cover with your paper leftovers or wrapping paper. I have covered mine with the red paper in the Scandanavian Knit themed backing papers collection we featured on an earlier blog post. Use a thin card or sturdy paper for these and fill them with small gifts or sweet treats!

You can find this Template on the left hand sidebar, under Box Templates and a sample page from the backing papers on the Member pages, with the full set in all colours and sizes available under the Printables Sheets Tab.

Tomorrow we have a final card project and then after that a wrapping paper bag demo before we round off on our Christmas Series for this year. Join us then for more!

Christmas '16' Notelets using the Scandinavian Knit Backing Papers

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Well, we are very close to Christmas now, so probably if you are a card maker, you have finished your projects or maybe even moved onto some Christmas decor items instead.

Alternatively, if you haven't got around to making anything yet and would like to still make something rather than buy your cards, then here is a simple idea to do so.

These notelets use our  Scandinavian Knit themed backing papers on a square card and a stamped greeting to finish. You can turn out heaps of these very easily.

I am so pleased with how these little notelets turned out that they will definitely be going in the box for use next year, as I have made most of my main cards for family and friends already.

You can find these backing papers on the sidebar menu under the Printables tab and look for a sample page from the set on the Member's pages soon.

Christmas '16' Layered Circle Concertina Trees Cards Template

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We are coming to a close soon with our Christmas Series projects. I did say that in my first post that there won't be many after a difficult year but having looked back at what has been posted in the last couple of weeks, it seems as if this has been the best year ever for the amount of projects we have managed to design, demo and publish!

Today we are featuring another series of cards made with the next Member Template that will be posted on the Free Stuff pages. I love making folded trees and we have posted quite a few different examples of them this year. This one is a good one as you can use this little tree on the front or inside your cards, although be aware that it will create a bulky card if it is used inside. This would be a good card for those people you can hand deliver it to.

There are two designs, a straight edge and a scallop edge. Both work well.

Look for this template on the Member pages and make some lovely layered, concertina circle tree cards.

Quick Video to show how to make the Layered Squares Christmas Trees

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The template is now available on the Member pages under Christmas '16'

Christmas '16' Cracker Boxes with Wrapping Paper

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This is an extra project today, as there will be another posted. I just saw this wrapping paper and had to have it and make something special! Actually I bought two rolls and will be looking to get some more for the cupboard. It has a lovely glittery texture and is of such a good quality that I knew would work so well with my Christmas projects, so expect to see it popping up again in the future...a lot!

I love making boxes, as I have said on many occasions, so I jump at the chance to make them and this paper was the push. I am using one of our older templates here, the Cracker Box, that you can find on the Box Template pages. The template includes two different sized Crackers/Bon Bons to fit most small gifts.

I made my crackers from a thin card and glued my paper to the reverse. You have a large enough hole on the ends to push your gift inside and then just use a ball of tissue paper to keep it in there. Now that I have made it, I want to keep it rather than give it away but the place is stuffed with Christmas 'makes' so I may have to find someone deserving to give this beautiful box to.

Here is a gift bag I made with the same paper, in fact it uses the offcuts. I will be posting a quick 'how to' for that in one of the next few posts, as we come to the end of our Christmas Series for 2016.

Christmas '16' Layered Squares Christmas Tree Cards

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I am a bit late with my Christmas cards this year, both demos and the ones I am making for friends and family Actually, I don't think many people are sending cards now, in part due to the extortionate cost of posting them these days. This has really hit the card makers hard, as we often have to post them in special boxes because they are thicker than normal printed ones. I have given up and just made cards for people I live near and can deliver by hand, as I really like Christmas cards that have some dimension and interest to them, rather than flat printed ones.

Anyway, enough of the chat as I promised a second post today. Here are today's featured cards, using a simple folded tree design that you can make in bulk.

There is both a straight edge and a scallop edge design on this template. The scallop one looks nice with traditional or muted colours and the straight edge with more contempary or modern colours and designs.

Try the scalloped design

Or the straight edge design

I'll be posting the template and some photo instructions in the next day or so, so check back again if you would like to get hold of that.

Hanging Christmas Tree Boxes

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We missed a blog post yesterday, due to being just too busy, so there will probably be two today. We are almost at the end of our marathon Christmas project series but there are still a few more projects to come. If you haven't been able to make things this year and have run out of time, don't worry, just come back next year and pick up where you left off!


Actually, I have to say that I have really enjoyed designing this year's templates for the site. I mentioned earlier that it has been such a difficult year for me and that there wouldn't be many posts this Christmas but in fact, it has turned out that there are more than usual.


I have found this to be great therapy, so if you get down and miserable and you are a crafter by nature, I can certainly vouch for going back into your creative space and getting busy again as a cure for all ills.

Anyway, lets get on with today's post. I really like making boxes in particular and Christmas is one of the best occasions for having an excuse to make a box!

I have really had some fun with today's template as you can see. These little hanging tree boxes are included on the template in 8 sizes, so you can make tiny ones to hang on the tree as a decoration, slightly larger ones for lollies and candies or the larger size for maybe a different style of advent.

I have made some with festive papers and others with card embossed with a snowflake embossing folder and dusted with chalk as shown below.

You can find this template on the sidebar on the Template tab if you would like to make some yourself. 

I hope you have enjoyed today's project. Next up, we will be looking at some more Christmas cards and another Member template for those of you who have signed up to the site which you can do for free!

Christmas '16' Medallion Ornaments Member Template

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We are back to card projects today. Here are a couple of really quick cards you can make with the same concertina medallion techinique we have been featuring a lot this year as part of the Christmas '16' projects. You want to choose the smaller size concertinas or else your medallions will be too big for a normal sized card.

We have posted a free Member template for you which just includes concertina strips in lots of smaller sizes. You can get this if you sign up to the site.You don't need a template of course but it makes it easier as we have done all the thinking for you!

Thanks for joining us again as part of this Christmas '16' project series.We still have about a week to go before we wrap things up for this year, so do drop by again soon.

Christmas '16' Concertina Christmas Tree with Member's Template

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Back to decorative projects today. We are using the same techinique as our earlier post where we made some beautiful delicate Concertina Ornaments. If you missed that post click here to read.

You can make this little tree to stand up by fixing it onto a stand. I have used a cork stopper here but I would have used a wooden cotton reel if they had arrived in the post in time!

You could also make it as a hanging decoration. I actually couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do, so I did both as you can see!

Thanks for joining us. Come by again for more Christmas projects, we haven't finished yet and please, please, please either leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page if you have been enjoying our series!

Quick Video to show how to make the Folded Circle Trees

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Here is a quick video 'how to' to make the folded trees featured on the cards in our last post!

Folded Circle Trees with Member Template

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This year we have been featuring lots of Christmas Tree themed cards and decorations. I think the Christmas Tree is so iconic and is such a lovely choice for anyone making crafts of any kind but particularly for papercraft.

There are just so many different patterns and ways to make them for use on your cards or as decorative pieces.

So today, we are featuring some cards using a new member template in various sizes, so you can make gorgeous folded circle trees for cards and gift tags. All you need to do is make sure you have double sided paper for this project for obvious reasons!

This is a simple fold to do and a great way to use up those scraps you don't know what to do with.

You can get the template on the Member's pages

In the next post there will be a quick video showing the simple folds to make the trees

Now Which Christmas Sweater Shall I wear? Printable Sheet with Member Freebie

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Today we have a quick card made using our new printable design sheet, which includes cute Christmas Sweater designs in four sizes and in red, green and blank for you to colour yourself as shown in the photo above.

Just print and cut and either hang in our Wardrobe card printable or template as shown above, or use them on their own.

The sweater motifs feature designs taken from our Doodle Christmas Digital Stamp images, including a penguin, snowman, Christmas trees, greetings, Christmas pudding, gingerbread man, reindeer, star and more.

You can get a couple of samples from this file to try. Visit the Member pages under the Christmas '16' Tab on the sidebar to find it.

Tree Shaped Boxes Photo Instructions

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We are well into our Christmas 2016 series, with lots more to come. However, today, as promised, here are some photo instructions for the Tree Box featured yesterday.

Here I have glued my template to the reverse of the card I have chosen and cut out and scored as shown

This piece is then glued to one of the tree shaped pieces using the tabs

You can see the flap at the bottom which is where the box can be opened and shut.

Then the other side is glued to the top, leaving the tab at the base free to be slotted in and out of the completed box.

We have some more great templates coming over the next couple of weeks, all free for members, so please drop by again soon.

Tree Shaped Boxes

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Today's project features some lovely Tree Shaped Boxes. You can find the template for this on the normal template pages under the tab for Box Templates.

With this template you can make gorgeous tree boxes in three sizes. Use them to contain gifts or just as a decoration

In the next blog post, I'll be posting a couple of photo instructions for this project so visit again to view those.

Christmas '16' Paper Case Trees

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Today, we have a very quick card idea, which is actually a good one for the children or grandchildren to make, or if you like your projects nice and simple.


All you need is some paper cake/muffin cases, which you fold into quarters and layer up to create a sweet dimensional tree. Find green ones if you can but any colour will do. Decorate with glitter glue, buttons, ribbon or stick on gems and cut a bucket shape for the base. Simple!

Christmas '16' 3D Mini Trees with free template

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If you love making simple but pretty decorations for Christmas, then this project is perfect for you.

This folded tree template is available on the Member pages and includes folded trees in different sizes plus a base and some mini gifts. Make mini trees in different sizes using pretty Christmas papers. Here are some photo instructions.

Cut out four pieces in descending sizes for each tree you want to make. The template includes a range of sizes, so you can make larger or smaller trees.I have cut lots here as I wanted to decide which I was going to make and found it easier to have them all there in front of me.

Using the dotted lines as a guide, fold each circle in half repeatedly, as shown in the photo. You really want to do alternate valley and mountain folds but I found it easier to just fold all one way and then go back and fold the other way for the alternate ones. Now you can push your tree branches into shape as below.

The folded pieces are fixed onto a wooden skewer and glued to the base. I've used corks and ribbon reels as stands for a couple of my demo trees above but you haven't got them, don't worry, the template includes a paper base that you can make and use.

Tip: Don't leave your skewer too long as this can make your tree more unstable. Also use a little modelling clay to fix the skewer in place and weight the base.

I hope you enjoy using your free Mementoes In Time template. Please leave any comments or queries below this blog post.

Christmas '16' Series Video

Posted on December 1, 2016 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Here is a compilation of some of our Christmas 2016 Series

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