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Easter 2018 - Stacked Egg Template Zig Zag Egg

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In the good tradition of movies, today is out takes or bloopers day. Those cards that didn't work.


These two cards are examples of ones that did not turn out in the way I hoped. I usually don't post these type of disasters up on the blog but I think that it is useful to show the ones that didn't work as much as the ones that did. That is really how you learn in life after all.


The first one made using the stacked eggs from the free members template gives an example of working with geometric style patterned papers. I tried to line up the zig zags which did more or less work but I just think the choice of papers was wrong. So if you squint at it in a dark room with the curtains shut it works! The background is textured with an embossing folder which is a bit difficult to see in the photo. The result however is pretty nasty!

This one was made because I had cut an egg shape from the template in some floral paper that I thought would work quite well with the embossed paper background. I also wanted to try out some rather cute mini die cutters so I used these to make the word Easter.


I really hate this card, enough said really!!

Easter 2018 - Stacked Egg Template Pearlescent Embossed Egg

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We are coming to an end of this short Easter series of projects, with a couple more egg themed cards to go. This one is so simple but looks expensive, with an embossed pearlescent egg and ribbon. Embossing folders and pearlescent papers are truly a match made in heaven.

Easter 2018 - Carrot Boxes

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As Easter is approaching rather fast, I am posting these projects quickly so you can have time to make them. So today here is another free template which you can find on the Member pages. The template will make a cute Carrot Box in various sizes. Make small ones filled with Smarties or similar and hang them as a banner!

Or pile them in a basket for small visitors

Or make larger ones for bigger treats!

Thanks for joining me on the blog. Look out for more ideas soon and if you want to see what free templates, backing papers etc there are, just sign up to the site, completely free and no obligation.

Easter 2018 - Stacked Egg Template Cards Contemporary Style

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Two very simple but very eye-catching cards today, both using just single eggs cut from the free template 'Stacked Eggs' The quality of paper or card is key for these very basic designs. With great paper, you don't need much and they work beautifully on a simple white background.

I am using the smaller sized eggs for this card, so I could cut 9 from co-ordinating pretty papers. Love this simple clean design on a white card!

To add a little interest, I have cut the front side with scalloped scissors and added a small strip of ribbon. Otherwise a very simple, clean card with three eggs.

Easter 2018 - Stacked Egg Template Cards Three Eggs In A Row

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Two card projects today, simply using 3 egg shapes from the free template, 'Stacked Eggs'.

Three eggs cut from the template with lovely patterned papers and a torn paper background, quite happy with this!

Another one using floral papers and a lace trim.Love those floral papers, probably because I have now stepped firmly into being old age!

Easter 2018 - Stacked Floral Egg Card using the Free Template

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Ok so there is a new free template on the Member pages and we posted a project to make a hanging Easter decoration the other day using this template. Today I am using the Stacked Egg Template and some pretty floral papers which I think work well with this design to make an Easter themed card.


I have simply layered up my pieces with some foam pads. Choose your first size of egg from the template and then work down skipping say two sizes each time. If you choose consecutive sizes, you won't get the definition you are looking for but in all honesty, you just need to play around with them until you find a design you like.

My egg was quite 3D here, so I decided to cut an oval shape from the front of my card and place the embellishment on the inside, so that it pokes through when the card is closed. This gives a nice dimensional effect to the card anyway as you have to look through the 'oval window' to see the egg.....remember that from Play School...shows my age!

Easter 2018 - Gate Box Basket Saleable Template

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There is a new Gate Box and Basket Chipboard Template added to the saleable pages, which you can find on the left hand sidebar. This is a double template, with two designs, which will make a square picket fence display piece, just perfect for those mini flowers and also a smaller rectangular box idea for making into a basket. Fill it with Easter Eggs or anything you like!

I will be posting some photo instructions for this project soon and they will live permanently in the project notes section of the site for reference.


If you would like to get this template free, use the contact form on the left hand sidebar and tell me what you would fill your basket with and who you would give it to and why. I will pick the best two and send out a free template.

Easter 2018 - Free Stacked Egg Template

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I love making decorative items for my twig tree and for my fireplace mantel and Easter is no exception. I have heaps of things I have made in previous years that I bring out, just like I do with Christmas to dress my living space.


For this year, I have added some cute to make hanging Easter egg decorations, made using a free template you can get on the Member pages. I will be posting a series of cards I have made using this template both in a stacked form as here but also just using the template as a simple egg shape, so you can get lots of different ideas with how to use it.

As ever, I simply make something for myself and share it on the site here for members. All I ask is for you to be kind enough to comment here on the blog, on the Facebook page and let me know that you like it. I have given up asking people to post photos or links to things they make as I know everyone has such busy lives but a comment does help!

Also if you have enjoyed your visit and want to help me cover site fees and the like, please hit up the Donate button right hand sidebar, or consider getting one of the purchasable templates which are listed on the menu on the left hand sidebar. Every little helps a lot. Thank you!

Easter 2018 - Marbled Paper

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A quick follow up to yesterdays post. As you know I hate throwing things away, so all that foam left in the tray had to be used for something. I have simply placed some paper on top to pick up the inked foam and then left it to dry for a little while before wiping the excess foam off with a paper towel. You can see one in the photo above before the foam was wiped away. Actually, I even liked the patterns on the paper towels after that but you have to stop somewhere!


Anyway, I am super happy with the papers, they are lovely and will make nice pages for my journal.

Easter 2018 - Marbled Easter Eggs

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Easter 2018 series of projects. You still have a couple of weeks to get going on some projects and we have some ideas with some free templates for you to use as well! The theme this year is definitely eggs, as you will see and I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and trying some of the projects out for yourself.

This project is ideal if you are lucky enough to be looking after small people. They love using their hands but beware, it will make a mess! All you need is some cheap shaving foam, some food colouring and some polystyrene eggs. All these things are super cheap, so this is a great project if you are on a budget.

You will need a flat tray to work on. I am using the base of a sandwich collection that I got a few weeks ago. I was getting some shopping with my husband and we spotted it on the discount shelf. A whole tray of pre-prepared sandwiches and unfortunately, we were both super hungry. Needless to say, most of those sandwiches didn't make it home!


Anyway, I digress. So you spray some foam on the tray and dot around some food dye. Then just swirl it in and start dipping in your eggs. Just to add that I painted some of the eggs with pastel acrylics and some with just white. The eggs I got had a sort of shiny finish to them, so I wanted to make it easier for the inks to attach but you could try doing it without painting to see if it works.

I have mounted my eggs on some bamboo skewers as this makes it much easier to hold and then to dry.

So here you can see the mess I made! I simply put the skewers into a glass to let the eggs dry a little bit. The shaving foam will stay foamy though, as all you are really aiming to do is hold the colour in place long enough for it to mark the egg underneath.

Here are my collection of shaving foam marbled eggs. Doesn't look too promising does it? Don't stress, it will all be ok in the end. So after about twenty minutes you can start to wipe off the excess shaving foam and reveal your marbled eggs.

You could add some cord and hang them but I think they look beautiful,  if you put them in a basket or birds nest.

Valentines Day Projects 2018 - Love Letters free printables

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Today's project is a simple message banner, which you can make to say anything you like! I would suggest you keep it clean, especially if you are displaying your message in a public place!


I have just cut out my letters, added them to sqares of red card and hung them on a piece of stripey string. You notice the mini pegs, they will be appearing in a separate post, as I made the hearts from scratch and I bet you can't guess how I did those!

You can get the letters on the member pages which you can print out and make up any message you like, so register with the site if you haven't done so and head to the left hand sidebar under the Members Pages tab.


For those of you who have been a bit slack with making your Valentine a card, simply make the letters as above and stick them to a card. Well at least you made the effort!!

That is about it for this year, we will be back soon with the Easter projects, so thanks for visiting!

Valentines Day Projects 2018 - Mini Heart Flower Pot

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Todays project idea is to make a cute little plant pot filled with hearts and love. It was really quick to do and a nice little gift for someone special. Again, I think Valentine's Day is about telling those you love how you appreciate them as much as for lovers, so you could make this for a friend or family member. I have actually just used mine as a decorative piece rather than a gift.

I am using my mini hearts (photo/video tutorial coming soon - Update, shelved to next year cos I ran out of time, which I have covered with glitter glue and left to dry before gluing them with a hot glue gun onto some thick beading wire.


I know I don't have to tell you but do mind your fingers as that glue is unbelievably hot and I have lost count of the times I have screamed as the glue attaches itself to my fingers and I flail around trying to get it off!

If you like, you can just use bought embellishments and you can find heart embellishments all over the place if you don't want to make them but I do like to make my own from scratch as that is part of the fun.


The beading wire is bright silver so I chose to dab the pieces first with some green Distress Paint to tone it down a bit. The wired hearts were then pushed into some florist oasis in the miniature plant pot and covered with some of that ferny moss stuff you can get in the florist supplies. This gives the appearance of leaves so that you don't have to faff around trying to cut miniature leaf shapes.

Then finish off the pot with some coordinating ribbons.The little label was just a piece of chipboard cut to shape, dabbed with Picket Fence Distress Ink and then stamped with the tiniest stamps I had in my stash!

I hope you have enjoyed this Valentine's Day series, there are a couple more projects to come but I realise that we are running a bit late this year, so they will be posted up in a bunch.

Valentines Day Projects 2018 - Woven Hearts and Baskets with free template

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Two projects today to make up time. We are making those pretty woven hearts you see all over the place. I think they are traditionally from Scandinavia and tend to show up at Christmas but I don't see why they can't be made for Valentines Day also! 


I just wanted to make some to hang on my decorative twig tree, which I use all the time, simply swapping around the decorations according to the season.


The template is on the Member Pages for free. You can make a one sided woven heart that you can use to stick to other projects or a woven basket, so there are in fact two templates. I haven't done a tutorial or video to make these hearts, as there are literally thousands on Youtube, so have a browse there as they are a little fiddly to do to be perfectly honest with you!

Tip: if you are struggling with the last strip to weave in and out when making a basket, then simply weave it in and out of the top heart. That will make perfect sense when you come to do it! If you have any questions just post them below this blog or use the contact form on the left hand side bar.

Valentines Day Projects 2018 - Mini Love Heart Packets free template

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Remember those Sweetheart lollies you could get when you were a kid, well you can still get them! Today's quick project features cute little mini packets that you can fill with those heart messages. There is a template to make these on the member pages and they are a great way to use up scraps.


Simply put your heart sweet in a piece of cellophane and secure the packet with a mini peg.

You can of course use them for other things as well but I thought this was a nice little quick project to celebrate the season of love for friends big and small!

Valentines Day Projects 2018 - Decorated Pegs and Love Notes

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If you followed the Christmas projects posted on the blog, you will have seen that decorated pegs featured in a few of them. I love the effect from simply painting the pegs white and stamping on them. For this project, I have stamped individual letters and used them to keep my decorated money wallets closed. Money wallets, if you are not sure are just those little brown envelopes you can get in any stationery store but of course you could just use mini envelopes.If you don't have those then browse around the member pages, I am pretty sure I posted a free download to something similar you could use a while back!

There is a note inside each one but you could add a small chocolate gift inside instead and you could hang these banner style on a string.

I just love this set of pastel papers which work so well together and the fact that they are pink rather than red, makes me happier to give to a friend or daughter and not just your 'better half'!

Valentines Day Projects 2018 - Valentines Mini Canvas

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Welcome to the second project idea in this year's Valentines Day Series of projects. This sweet little mini canvas was so simple to make but I love how it turned out. I am inspired to make lots more of these little art pieces, so once I have got finished with all the other things I have planned, I will be let loose to play with my tiny embellishments that work so well on these small canvases.

I have used a scrap piece of paper I had to cover the front of the canvas, then brushed around the edge with some Distress ink, before adding a small chipboard birdcage, which I have painted with some white paint and slightly rubbed with a little black paint into the crevices. The flowers were from another project from the past, I can't remember which but I do tend to scavange embellishments and ribbons off old 'makes' as I can't bear to throw anything away!

The butterfly is a little brad and I have added a simple stamped word, brushed around the edges with Tattered Rose Distress Ink. This took me minutes to make, it really did but I am thrilled with the final piece that is taking pride of place above my fireplace. I know my dear Mum would have loved to have seen this one. So, if you have any of those mini canvases around, why not make one of these lovely display pieces and give it to a loved one or friend.

Valentines Day Projects 2018 - Dimensional Hearts Card and Tag

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I am a bit delayed posting the Valentines Day projects this year, as I have had a parent in and out of hospital, sick animals and other life challenges to deal with. This is what it is like when you are running a blog as a side gig! Anyway, here is the first project and they will be posted in quick succession.

Here is a very simple Valentines Day Card, simple is good when your life is as chaotic as mine!!

There is only one card idea this year, with a little matching tag, as I don't like making hundreds of Valentines Day cards to just either be thrown away or sit around in a cupboard. This one will be used and as I only have one husband, I only need one card!


Actually, my dear old Mum when she was still alive, always used to bring me a bunch or flowers or a plant and a card on Valentine's Day, every year, which was very sweet of her...a tradition I have not really carried on with my own girls, much to my shame!

The hearts are slightly dimensional as you can see in the photos.


I will be posting up a template to make these hearts in a range of sizes on the member pages, if you would like to make a similar card but the template can of course be used in different ways. I haven't had time to make some demos but you can use both pieces of the template to make hanging 3D hearts by sticking the tabs and then gluing or taping them onto some string or ribbon.


Thanks for joining me today. There will be a few more projects posted in quick succession here on the blog over the next few days, so I can get them up in time for you to make your own!