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Happy New Year

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Wishing all the members of the site a Happy and Prosperous 2018.

Unfortunately, the Christmas 2017 projects came to an abrupt end, as I fell ill with the flu for three and a half weeks and have only just surfaced and getting back on my feet. Quite a few projects and templates were missed but they will be held over to next year. There is a round up video of all the projects that were featured now up on Youtube, so you missed any, you can pick up the templates on the Member pages.

Been away but now back!

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Just to say that I have been busy with so many things in life generally that the blog has taken a bit of a backseat. Actually, I could write a whole separate blog on the various things that have been stealing my time and I am sure this is true for most people. Anyway,  I have got up today and decided that I had better start posting some projects, with Christmas just a few short months away...panic!!


As usual, we will be doing a mix of cards, chipboard, decorative projects and freebies, much like previous years. Really, anything I can think of and decide to try out for myself will be shared on the site for you to try.


Different from previous years, however, I will be posting as soon as I have finished something and not waiting to the last few weeks to do an intensive post of all the projects. This gives anyone that wants to make things, the chance to do it, otherwise the benefits are lost. That's it for now. I had better get going and do something!!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

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In an earlier post, there was a picture of the new Wheelbarrow template filled with autumn flowers in oranges and yellows. There were also some mini pumpkins shown in the photo too. Here is the photo if you haven't seen it.

Actually, there were two lots, some tiny ones in the flower arrangement and some in front on the ground.

So, I was asked where I got those from.If you want to make a similar Autumn piece then this might be helpful!

The larger ones shown in the photo are the dried fruit from Solanum integrifolium and you can find these on Ebay.There are fabulous and really do look like mini pumpkins. You can use these on wreaths and other flower arranging projects but they were just the job for this Autumn Cheer Wheelbarrow Project.

The smaller ones that you can see in the barrow itself are known as Putkha pods and you can find these in floristry supplies part of your craft shop. I simply painted them with my orange acrylics and then dusted them with some Distress Inks to give them some depth and shape and then glued them onto floristry wire before adding them to my flower arrangement in the wheelbarrow.


Hope that helps!

Mother's Day - Remembering Mum

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Well, we have managed to survive Easter and the kids are long gone back to the place they need to be! With that, I am looking around my craft area and thinking about the next round of projects to be covered.


With Mother's Day approaching in the US and other places around the world (except the UK), I was planning a whole heap of projects and new templates but as you know I sadly lost my mother last year and quite frankly my heart just isn't in it.


My mother was very central in my life, as she was effectively a single parent, which made her extra special. She was also such a bright energy, full of fun, full of inspiration and a love of life and people.She was always my biggest fan and encouraged me in life to be whatever I wanted to be. Her beautiful spirit is still about me and I am sure she is watching from a better place. Her passing was a loss to so many people she helped in life and to the world in general, let alone her family left behind. Her birthday approaches in the next month as well as the anniversary of her passing, so I would prefer to spend time in reflection rather than pushing to get things done.


So I will be posting the projects but just over a different timescale and not primarily focussed on Mother's Day but just projects that you can make because you want to. This way, I don't feel under pressure to deliver and can take time to do things properly.


If you would like to leave a comment or a suggestion below please do!

Easter 2017 -Video Summary

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Thanks for joining us for our Easter craft projects this year. We got there in the end!


There is one more post tomorrow but for a summary of the different things we covered, you can watch here is our latest short video. Click the link below.

Easter 2017 projects

Constructive Criticism? Hmm Not sure.

Posted on February 22, 2017 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (4)

I just wanted to share a message left as a guestbook signature. I can't seem to work out if the comment is for real or maybe just a troll. Leave me a comment below if you have an answer. I would love to hear your thoughts. However, it annoyed me enough to write a reply, which you can read below if you wish.

Hello, you used to write magnificent, but the last several posts have been kinda boring? I miss your great writings. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!

Thank you for your comment. I would like to respond if I may. I am not sure whether you realise but I manage this site alone with a little bit of help from my family (and I mean a little help).


So, I come up with ideas, design and draw everything from scratch using Corel Draw, test each item, make demos, take photos, write blog posts, make videos and run the social media content. No,  I do not sit around all day writing blog posts and worrying whether they sound nice. Most of the blog posts are in fact informational, including 'how to' notes or announcing new templates and free stuff. When I have time, I do photo tutorials on different craft techniques but these are very detailed and I need to keep the content and templates coming, so I only do these when I can.


The site is run with a no profit motive. This means that any money made is fed right back into paying the fees to keep the site running. I simply like to make things, I make them and I share them to anyone who is interested. Most of the files I create are offered free of charge to members and in fact I only occasionally add a template to the 'pay for' section and this is only to pay the fees as I mention above.

The content is added during my free time. I have daily life issues like everyone else. Running my family and other personal things take up the bulk of my time. My mother was very ill for three years, after suffering a catastrophic stroke and last year she died. My father is now very unwell, so I am caring for him.


My family comes first which is why this site runs on a shoestring and I make nothing. That is not the intent. I have been running this site for years and loads of my content has been used and copied, particularly during the early days, when there wasn't much available on the web. Any readers who have been around that long will recall those issues. The big craft companies and magazines surf the web stealing ideas (don't even get me started on that) and I know for a fact a number of tutorials and a good deal of intellectual property has been directly copied from here without any kind of permission. Happy to provide details personally to anyone who wants the evidence!!

I don't have to work as hard as I do to produce content, in fact I have thought about giving up many times. My site fees are overdue right now and I may not decide pay them, due to so many problems being caused by It has been apalling trying to run this site with so many technical problems and in a way, just limping along. To say that I am at the end of my tether would be an understatement.


So, if nothing else, this site stands as a record of all I have made and achieved, so no regrets there. Also, the comments and contributions from some lovely members and visitors makes the effort worthwhile. I don't mind constructive criticism at all but I do ask people to understand the effort that goes into providing content for this blog and site before writing offhand comments on the guestbook, that are nothing more than discouraging for someone who is offering their time and experiences for free. I am currently working on Easter projects for people who are interested but if you don't like the site, feel free to leave. Nothing to keep you here! :)

Thank you  for reading and to the person that wrote that comment...

Is that interesting enough for you??

Website Update

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Well the good news is that we have managed to upload some photos to the site but still experiencing some issues with linking to them. So there will be a test post of one of our projects to see if it works. Then the other files, templates etc will be uploaded. Cross fingers.

Sadly, maybe a goodbye, get all the freebies you need now!

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Well this is a sad blog post to write but here goes. As some visitors to the blog have noticed, we have been having big problems with the website because of the host We have been unable to upload any files or photos to the site, so we haven't been able to update the blog. We could have posted all our Valentine's Day projects as just words but that would have been boring.You can still see them in the photo gallery though and on our Facebook page.


I am not sure when or even if the problems will be resolved and the issue is that the site fees come up for renewal in a couple of days. It would be stupid to spend the few hundred dollars it costs to run the site with no guarantee that the problems will be fixed, so the subscription will not be renewed, unless by a miracle the site is sorted out in the next day. I am not sure what happens but I imagine that the site may just sit here until the domain expires but in case it disappears altogether, make sure you download any of the member files now. I wanted to leave all the files free to download but that would have taken too long to sort out unfortunately and it is unclear what access will be available after the subscription deadline.

All downloads will be sent as they are automatically processed, so if you have them in your basket they should go through as normal. If not, then contact me via Facebook page.

Anyway, I am not sure at this stage whether the site will be resurrected somewhere else, there is just too much information to do it all again in it's current form and the site material cannot be migrated to another platform. However, we may pop up again somewhere else, I am just not sure at this stage. We will still appear on the Facebook page which you can like on the button on the top right and will announce anything important there.

So all that remains to do is to thank you if you have supported this site over the years, I was going to send an email blast to all of the more than 3,500 members but I guess that would seem too final, so I will say goodbye here.  It has been a lot of hard work for me but also a lot of fun. I have loved sharing my creations with anyone who has stopped by for a look and we have had so many wonderful comments and contributions over the last 7 years.


If by a miracle we can get the issues sorted then you can ignore all this stuff above but in case it doesn't, thanks again and onwards and upwards!

Video Summary of Valentine's Day projects 2017

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Until our website is sorted out, you can view a summary video of the Valentine's Day projects on our Facebook Page. These projects will all be featured as soon we can. There are free templates, printables and digital images available which will be posted here on the blog, just as soon as WEBS.COM manages to sort out our site and allow files to be uploaded. Nothing much to do except apologise but unfortunately this matter is outside our control.

Website still down

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If you visiting our site for the first time, then welcome! Unfortunately we are having terrible problems with WEBS.COM who operate and host this website. We can't upload any files at all, so please do come back again, as I hope that at some point we may be able to post our Valentine's Day projects for you all. Such a shame as there are LOTS of lovely ideas and free templates and printables for you but until we get the site functional again, we can't do anything about it. Thank you for your patience!

Unable to post any projects for Valentines Day

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After a week of problems with the website provider WEBS.COM, we are still unable to upload any photos or files so our Valentine's Day projects for 2017 are sitting there waiting, while time marches on.


There is no estimated time for it to be fixed, no-one is communicating about it, so all I can do is apologise and all the projects will be uploaded as soon as I am able to do so.

Happy New Year and Welcome to the Site

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Well 2016 is now a long distant memory for some and personally I am glad to see the back of it, having had some awful personal issues during the year.


I am now looking forward to 2017 with great hope and happiness and I hope this is the same for you.  I hope you enjoy joining us for the projects we will be featuring and that we continue to receive support to keep the site going. You can donate using the button on the right hand side bar or make a contribution by getting one of the templates featured on the sidebar on the left. However,  If you just want to visit and browse then you are most welcome!


Welcome also to any new site members and I hope you enjoy browsing the Free Stuff pages after you have registered. If you would like to register with the site and haven't already, just click on one of the links on the Members' Pages and follow the instructions.


We will be looking at some projects for Valentines Day in the next few weeks, so join us for those if you would like to!


Christmas '16' Series Video Part 2

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Here is a summary of the rest of our Christmas Series projects in Part 2. Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyous festive season and join us back in the New Year for more projects!

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Christmas '16' Series Video

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Here is a compilation of some of our Christmas 2016 Series

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Been away but back for Christmas at least

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Some may have noticed that the site has not been updated so much this year. There has been a reason for that. Unfortunately, my dear, wonderful Mum passed away earlier in the year after a very difficult period of around three years, during which she deteriorated greatly. I have not felt inspired to do much since then as I am sure many would understand.


Most, if not all of my craft projects were made with her in mind and all of them got paraded in front of her for approval. She was a wonderful Mum and enjoyed seeing anything and everything that was shown to her often showing great enthusiasm and keen to have a go herself, even if she was unable to. Being left unable to talk and paralysed after a massive stroke, she still communicated with her eyes and a lopsided smile and having been a big crafter herself when she was able, she loved to be shown all the new ideas on the website.


I had to have a long hard think about whether I wanted to return to making things, with the dust gathering on my craft tools over the past months. In the days immediately after she passed, I received some cryptic messages in the form of odd coincidences, which I now feel to be her trying to communicate with me.

At a very low point, only a day or two afterwards, I received an advertising email for a book with the very obvious wording 'Crafting heals the Soul'. There were other quite clear messages too and I was comforted by this, although I could not imagine ever wanting to make anything every again. It has taken this long for me to decide to gradually return and pick up my scissors again. The enthusiasm is definitely not as it was but I wanted to make some projects almost as a message back to her, to tell her that I am ok. I will be posting these up over the next few days.


Anyway, I really hope you enjoy following the Christmas projects this year, There are only a few of them but I have stuck with it and did have some fun creating things to share with you, so I hope you are able to make some of them yourself and please do take the time to comment below if you feel you would like to.

Easter Projects 2016

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Easter Projects 2016

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We will be starting our Easter 2016 projects this week, so why not come along and join in!

Here are a few of the bright and cheery themed ideas we will be covering. Look out for the free Member's templates that will be posted on the Member pages.

Love Words Papers Fixed

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Just to say that one of the older downloads on the Member pages was appearing with some of the words missing. This was the Love Words collection which we posted a year or so ago. Hopefully this has been resolved now but let me know if there are any problems, as we fix things as we go!

Words From The Heart Digital Image Collection

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After much hair pulling and stress to get this finished, the latest digital image collection 'Words From The Heart' is now finished. Featuring 31 original Love and Valentine's Day images with a range of complimentary sentiments, this is a useful traditional collection that is designed for mixing and matching.


Demo cards will follow, asap but in the meantime, if you would like a sample image from this collection, I will be posting one up at some point over the next few days on the Member's pages, so have a look there, if you want to pick that up!

Member Pages Problem Sorted

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Just to say that there was a glitch on the Member pages 'Other Templates' page. The full range of files was missing but it has now been sorted out and you should find all the free download files that are meant to be there. The page has been renamed as 'Other Member Templates'. Aplolgies for any confusion but things stuff up occasionally!