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Christmas 2017 Series - Chipboard Screen Template Display Card

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At last I have got around to putting up some Christmas decorations! Actually, this year was the first year ever that I really didn't want to get involved in it all. For some reason, maybe age, maybe generally being a humbug, I just didn't want to go in the loft and pull down the Christmas decorations. After much fussing, my dearly beloved husband clambered up there, with very little complaint, which was a surprise, as he generally doesn't like doing anything he is asked to do. I then told my smallest teenager that she would be tasked with decorating the Christmas Tree if she did indeed want one. After much whining, she did agree and in fact she made a fantastic job of it!

So anyway, in the spirit of Christmas decorating, today's project idea is a lovely display piece. I originally intended making this as a sort of card but decided that with the chipboard, you are making something much more permanent, so ended up making something in between.


I am using the Chipboard Screen Template, decorated in festive papers with handmade paper poinsettias, a stamped a die cut tree and a stamped greeting.I originally made this with someone in mind but decided I liked it so much on my fireplace that I am going to leave it there for Christmas. Here are a couple more pictures. No project notes as it is really self explanatory.

I got carried away making the paper flowers, which were so simple to make. I will be posting up a free template for those in another blog post but you could use your paper punches or die cutters to make them also.

There are just so many ways you can use this template, to make display screens for all kinds of occasions. This is just one idea! I hope you have enjoyed our Christmas Series, as we draw close the end for this year. Please do leave me a comment on the Facebook page or indeed down below this blog post. All comments and questions are gratefully received.

Christmas 2017 Series - Tag Box Template Recipe Box

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For today's project we are making another Christmas gift box with the Chipboard Tag Box template. The other day, we posted a project to make an unusual 'grown up'  Advent Calendar but there are so many other ways to use this template.


For this project the box has been made and decorated as a recipe box, containing lots of my favourite Christmas recipes. You could make this for a friend or just for yourself!  Each tag is covered with different paper scraps I found in my 'bits and pieces' box. I am always looking for ways to use up these!I have added a ribbon handle for my box because I am looking to demo this in two ways but that is of course up to you.


Another idea is to simply use the box as a gift box, filled with chocolates, handmade goodies or other treats. The addition of a handle on the top makes it easy to carry and give to someone. I hope you have enjoyed these projects. Please visit again soon for more in our Christmas Series 2017.

Christmas 2017 Series - Tag Box Template

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If you have got the Tag Box Template, featured in an earlier post, here is another project using this file. This time, I wanted to use some of the gorgeous Distress Oxide Snowflake backing paper I made here, together with some wrapping paper that I bought last year and absolutely love. It has turned up all over the place in different Christmas projects and today is no exception!

This is a simple box of tags for use, which I have made for a friend. The use of luxurious ribbons and a festive greeting on the box, make this a nice hand crafted but useful gift. If you prefer to make a gift box then you can!

Here I have taken out the tags, added a ribbon handle and created a lovely gift box with this same project.

You can get his saleable template listed on the left hand sidebar under Chipboard Templates. Thanks for joining me again and see you soon for another post in the Christmas 2017 series!

Christmas 2017 Series - Tag Gift Box Advent Calendar

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With December rapidly advancing, today's project is a lovely little Advent Calendar idea, using the new Tag Box Template, one of our saleable templates you can find under Chipboard Templates on the left hand sidebar.


All the saleable templates are super cheap, this one is only $1, but they do help to support the site, pay for the site fees etc, so do consider having a browse there. We have heaps and heaps of free stuff too on the Member pages, so register with the site to get acess to those.


The idea is that sometimes it is nice to make an advent that is not focussed on chocolate, or maybe you want to make a more adult themed advent for someone special in your life, as I have done here. Each tag has a message on the reverse but you could add a non-edible treat idea, like 'a trip out to the movies' etc.

I had such fun making this one and it didn't take too long to do at all. To complete the whole project including the 24 tags took about a day to do but not solidly working.

This project is simplicity itself, once the box has been constructed, you can just use co-ordinating festive papers to decorate both the box and each tag. I have used some die cut numbers on a punched scallop circle and lots of Distress Inks to add some depth.


Alternatively, you can use this as a lovely gift box for a treat for a special someone and there will be a couple more ideas along this theme posted here on the blog over the next few days, so come back to visit if you would like to see those.

In the meantime, thanks for joining me here and Happy Crafting!.

Chipboard Wheelbarrow, creating a rusted effect wheel

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Today I am showing how I made the rusted effect wheel for my display wheelbarrow chipboard projects. This is a really simple technique and the effects are pretty good. There are other ways of achieving a rusted finish but this one is certainly one of the easiest.

First off, I am covering the wheel that I have cut from the template with Brushed Pewter Distress Paint. I could have used Copper here also.

Once dry, I dabbed the wheel onto my Embossing Ink Pad and added some Vintage Photo Distress Embossing Powder. I was attempting to not cover the wheel completely initially, to create a patchy effect if you like but actually, this wasn't necessary to do, because of the way these powders work.

Tip: With these embossing powders it can be difficult to know when they are heat set. They do have a tendency to burn and give off smoke but don't panic. Just do it in stages until you are happy you have the right finish. You will know that the embossing powder is set, once the finish is more like sandpaper, than sand on the beach (according to Tim Holtz)!

Once heated and cooled, you can start to rub the surface and some of the powder will be removed.

I ended up rubbing off too much of the powder for the first try but this isn't a problem, as you can go back in and repeat the process. The next time, I went for some Black Soot Embossing Powder to fill in some of the gaps.

Again, I wasn't desperately happy, so I went back in for a third time with some more Vintage Photo powder.

For this example, I covered the whole wheel with powder, leaving no silver showing, which actually I was happier with.

Tip: Instead of fiddling around adding different colours, you can simply mix a bit of each powder together first, which I found to be quite successful. It can be more wasteful if you are not making similar projects but you can always keep the surplus for a future project. This give a great and consistent mix to the powder, with the Vintage Photo and Black Soot plus any other colour you want, being evenly distributed.

Join me again for the next post, where I will be showing how I made the little plant pots used in the photos with the wheelbarrows!

Chipboard Wheelbarrow Creating a Faux Wood Effect

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Today I am going to do a quick post about getting a faux wood effect, which you can use with the Wheelbarrow projects or other papercraft projects.

All of these display examples were created using the same technique to make a 'wood effect' wheelbarrow but simply using different colours to get different finishes.

Take the paint colour you want to use. I am using my Distress Paints here as I find the paint dauber thingy on the top really useful to get the best effect for this technique.

Note: You can also use your Distress Ink pads and simply swipe across the paper as shown but I prefer the effect using the paints.

The colour I am using is Peeled Paint and this was the basis for the green wheelbarrow above. So swipe across the paper as shown, the idea is to get a washed effect and not to completely cover the page. You want some white areas remaining and a rough type of finish, i.e not too perfect.

Next, I am brushing here and there using my blending tool with Tea Dye Distress Ink. The intention is to get a dirty, worn look. Then let it dry or use a heat tool to set the paint.

To create the effect of wood planks, use a pen (I am using my Distress Marker here, the Tea Dye or maybe a darker brown to show up) to draw lines and nails. Stagger the lines for a more realistic effect. You can go back in with your blending tool along the lines if you like to give even more definition and depth, which is what I have done with the Wheelbarrow Template examples above.

This gives a perfectly realistic faux wood effect!

Join me for the next post, where I will be showing a way to get a realistic rusted metal effect that you can use for the wheel on your Wheelbarrow project or any other papercraft project you are making.

Chipboard Wheelbarrow Instructions

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Here are a set of photo instructions to make the Chipboard Wheelbarrow from the template

Carefully cut out all the pieces following the template, as all the pieces have been designed to fit together in a certain way.

Affix the two side pieces to the base. The base is slightly longer so there will be a small gap at each end which is where the front and back will fit

Then affix the front and back pieces to the base and sides. They should sit on the base at the bottom and then be glued to the sides

Cut, score and fold the handles

The folds at the other end of the handle which will attach to the wheel

Punch holes in the ends

Fix the stand onto the underside of the base

Then add the support piece gluing it to the stand and the base

Sand off any rough pieces from the wheel. A small nail file works well for this

Attach the wheel to the handles

Decorate with paints, papers etc. It is would be easier to paper the shapes first before assembling but paint can be used once the wheelbarrow is assembled

Before painting, it is helpful to coat the chipboard with gesso, as a primer. In a future blog post we will look at how to get a faux wood effect for the wheelbarrow using paints and inks and how to get a rusted finish on the wheel, to give an authentic finish.

Chipboard Template Wheelbarrow

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Autumn Decorative Piece

This latest template has been a long time coming but finally all the bumps have been ironed out and I have had such fun playing with it. This cute wheelbarrow is pretty simple to put together with boxboard (aka crafter's chipboard) and can be filled with anything you like to make a decorative seasonal piece, as I have done here, or to celebrate a birthday, wedding or pretty much anything you want. Here are a few examples but I am not finished playing with this one, so there will be some more ideas posted soon.

A birthday gift for a special friend, filled with all their favourite flowers

Can you guess what the mini pot is made from? It will feature on another blog post but if you think along the recycle, reuse lines, I'm sure you will be able to work out what I have used here!

A gift for a special mother

A wedding decoration with flowers to match the bouquet

You can find the template under the Chipboard Creations tab on the left hand side bar listed as one of the saleable templates. However, there are plenty more templates and other items free for members under the Member Pages on the left hand sidebar. Joining up is free with no obligations. I just like to keep some things for crafters and love to hear about your projects and stories.


Please contact me using the Contact button if you have any questions that you need help with. I get lots of questions about all kinds of art related things which I respond to directly to the people asking but I may do some blog posts with the questions and answers, as they could be of use to many more people.

Looks familiar

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New Sizzix Window Box Bigz Die by Eileen Hull

Hmm, 3D wardrobe next?

Dress Form Chipboard Project

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As readers of this blog know, my blog posts revolve around odd projects that I complete and simply want to show off.Today's project is no exception, so here is a nice little project for a rainy afternoon. Actually, this project has been hanging around the 'Mementoes' cupboard for about a year (the truth being that I forgot to post it), so I thought I would bring it out, dust it off and post it today.


This project would make a lovely gift for 'Mum' if you live in the UK (I know I've missed Mother's Day but it is nice and early for everyone else in the world), or you can just do what I have done and keep it for yourself.

Anway, I've been having fun with the Tim Holtz Dress Form Die and wanted to post this on the blog. Eagle eyed observers would have noticed this popping up in a supporting role in a previous blog post, featuring the Display Card. 


I've gone for the same distressed/weathered paint effect as the Display Card, on the base piece, which I've added to get the dress to stand up. Actually, I like this 3D model more than the 2D effect, so I will be designing our own Dress Form design for chipboard and adding it to the template pages soon, so watch out for that if you are interested.

I've coloured the skirt with Tattered Rose Distress Ink and used some lace trim to edge the skirt. The paper rose, ribbon and beading around the middle hides where the skirt joins to the bodice. A good glue is essential here, or you will be losing your temper!


My little dress form sits on my window ledge next to my mini wardrobe, reminding me that even small, quick projects can be very effective.


I hope you have enjoyed this short project to make a sweet display piece. Please visit again soon!

Special Mum Display Card 'Happy Birthday Mum!'

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I thought I would share this piece I made for my precious Mum for her birthday. She turns a rather stunning 82 tomorrow, so I wanted to give her something that she could keep up on display for a while. This project is actually a display card with a stand, rather than a traditional card and I haven't added a birthday greeting, so she can keep it up past the actual date. This project started off as something else but as is usually the way with craft projects, it morphed into something else. These are always the most enjoyable craft projects, as the end result is a surpise!

Anyway, if you would like to read about this, please read below.

First off, I've cut a piece of chipboard and made a photo frame stand for the back and then painted the board with some brown acrylic paint. I was aiming for a distressed effect and I wanted this to be the base colour that shows through. When this is dry, cover the board with some Crackle Medium.

Then when that is dry, go over the top with a contrasting colour. I've gone for an off-white but you could use any other colour, a lighter one works best.

You can see the almost magical effect you get when the top coat dries and the base coat starts to appear underneath. I love this aged effect and you will see it popping up on the blog again I'm sure!

If you thought that bit was fun, this next bit making the flowers was even more fun. I've punched some scallop circle shapes from paper. I've used five pieces when cutting from plain white paper and four pieces for each flower when using handmade paper, because it is a bit thicker. Then, I've punched a hole in the centre of each scallop and scrunched them up in my hands to make them really crumpled.

Next, I headed for my Distress Ink tin and added colour to the front and back of each piece. Simply layer them up, pin them with a brad, give them another scrunch together and carefully open them out to form each flower. This is really satisfying and the effect is simply stunning. The best thing is you can make your flowers to match your project. I got so carried away with this, that I made heaps of them!!

You can add some clear embossing powder to your flowers to give them a sheen or even some drops of Glossy Accents Dimensional Glue to look like little drops of dew.

I've glued my flowers to the board with some ribbon and beading. The centre piece is just a piece of co-ordinating paper with a stamped message and I've ripped the edges of the stamped piece with a neat little distress tool that I picked up at a craft show. So there you have it, a simple but really fun project to make for your Mum or special friend, or maybe just a display piece for yourself. I'll be covering the dress form in another blog post, so stay tuned if you want to hear about that.

Thanks for reading

Christmas Baskets - 24 Days of Christmas Extended

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Our next project in our extended 24 Days of Christmas Series, uses our Chipboard Basket Template. I've painted the basket with a red acrylic and decorated it with some Christmas ribbon, some border stickers and some star stickers. Fill the basket with cookies, chocolates or sweets/candies/lollies, to make a nice decorative piece for Christmas.

This template is one of the ones we normally have on template pages, but you can get it free. Just add a comment below this blog post and the first ten people will be sent the link to the file. 



Happy Crafting!

A 'Sweet' Christmas - House and Bird Box Template

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I do love gingerbread houses but to be perfectly honest, I have never successfully made one. This got me to thinking about making a chipboard one instead, so here is the result.

I think this makes a really cute decorative piece for the table. The only problem, is that I made this about a month ago and the number of lollies around the bottom seemed to shrink..hmm, I wonder where those went...Anyway, imagine a plate covered with sweet treats!


This has been made using our new combined Chipboard House and Bird Box Double Template. available on the download pages. This template includes a basic house design, with and without windows and doors and a bird box design. Each comes in a range of sizes, so you can create boxes to suit your project.


The basic box is easy to make, which leaves lots of time for the really creative bit of decorating. Simply cut out the pieces for the template you want to use.

Glue one side piece onto one end piecem making sure you use your good solvent or very strong PVA glue. It is important to do it in the right order, so that the pieces fit together properly.Then glue the other side piece in the same way.

Add the other end piece and hold until fixed.

Add the roof pieces one at a time, gluing them onto the base piece and to the other roof piece.You can add a base piece if you wish, but I have left mine as an open box.


I decided to paint my house with an acrylic paint but you could use papers instead. Use the template pieces to draw around onto your paper before you assemble the house. I've decorated my house with a dimensional white paint from the art store, which gave a pretty good rendition of royal icing and trimmed it with some festive buttons.


You could decorate this in so many ways and even get the kids involved. Here are some more small boxes made with this template and the Bird Box which is also included.

Two mini houses and a bird box. The base is tied on with ribbon and can be opened to put small gifts inside.

Two Bird Boxes

Papered Bird Box Tree Decoration

Mini Gingerbread House made with the Bird Box Template

  We are taking a short break to fit in some Christmas activities but will be back with a few more projects very soon.

Happy Crafting!

Mini Accordian Book - 24 Days of Christmas Extended Project

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Our 24 Days of Christmas Series has sadly come to a close but there are still a few projects waiting in the wings, that we would like to share. This will be our 'extended 24 Days of Christmas series'.


While wondering what to call this extra run of projects, I remembered that last year I wrote about the fact that our family has a tradition of keeping a few small gifts to open either a tea-time on Christmas Day, or on Boxing Day. This is a nice thing to do, as it gives the smaller members of the family something to look forward to and stretches out the fun a bit.


Today's project fits very well with the theme of Tree Presents. On the blog last Christmas, we featured a range of mini projects, ideal for thoughtful little gifts for friends and family. If you are interested in those, search back through the blog, under the 'Chipboard' topic, or visit our Projects and Tips page.


This year, I was struggling to think of something small to send abroad to my mother and I actually stumbled on the idea for this project, while sorting through a massive bag of chipboard squares, that I unearthed under the bed. It is quite surprising what you can find under your bed when you look! This little parcel opens to reveal a surprise inside..


For this project, you will need two small chipboard squares, approximately (5.25cm) 2 inch square, or any size square you want really. I've rounded the edges of mine with a corner rounder, but you don't have to. Cover the front and back of each square with your favourite papers. This is yet another project that is just perfect for using up scrap papers.

Next, cut a piece of thin card or paper and concertina it to create the panels. Measure and score the card first to make sure the folds are nice and accurate. Mine has 6 panels each approx. 4cm square (1 5/8 inch).  Cover your panels with photos, messages, printed pictures or anything you like.


For my project, I chose to put a range of photos from the year, into a word document, where I could resize them to the same dimensions before printing them out.

If you are writing, you will need to use a fine pen and write small!

Put photos, sentiments or anything personal inside for someone special.

Glue each end panel to the inside of each chipboard square, so that when you concertina it back together, it will form your parcel.


I've put a faux ribbon bow on the front of my parcel and then glued another piece on the front and tied it around to the back, so the parcel actually is untied from the back (see below). So there you have it, a sweet little parcel for to charm those proud grandparents, or to express your appreciation to a special friend.

I hope you have enjoyed this project. Please do take the time to comment below if you like the projects we have featured in this series. We value each and every comment that we get.Our next project will be posted soon.

Happy Crafting!

Rusted Tag Project

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I remembered that I hadn't posted the other 'rusted' project, which was featured in the photo gallery, so here are the details for anyone who is interested to know. Have a wonderful weekend!


Adding the glue to the chipboard. You can be as messy as you like!

I'm using a die cut from the Tim Holtz Sizzix die, which I managed to salvagebefore it disappeared into storage.

Sprinkle over the Rusting Powder. Again, you can also be as messy as you like and just put back the excess into the pot. You may need to retouch areas you have missed.

Spray on your mixture of brown vinnegar, with a few drops of bleach.

Leave to dry (overnight is good) and then rub off the loose powder to reveal the rusty effect underneath

How you can be really creative with your project. You can see the rusted effect in the following pictures. The mini keys can be rusted too.

The finished tag!

Chipboard Cake Stand and Cakes

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Here are some project notes for the new Chipboard Cake Stand with cakes!



Cut out your pieces and paint with acrylic paint. I've used an off-white here. You may need to add two or three coats depending on the quality of the paint you are using. Let the pieces dry thoroughly before continuing.

Using the template, cut some doilies from co-ordinating papers. Make a hole through the middle of each tray. If you have a Crop-a-dile, use that but if not, then just use sharp scissors, a piercing tool or a metal skewer. Push through a wooden skewer, trimmed to size, as described on the instructions

Now make the base stand, using the template and paint it. Again, wait for this to dry fully.

Glue your stand onto the base of the bottom tray and adjust if necessary to ensure the stand is level. You might wish to push the skewer into a piece of plasticine or similar to weight the bottom of the stand and make it more stable.

Now decorate the top of the stand, with the flower, heart or tags included on the template and add card cakes (also on the template). You can even use it to display mini cakes, muffins or chocolates!

You can go to town with your glitter glues, pearlescent glues and trims.

This makes a nice display piece or gift for a young friend!



Rusted Effect Chipboard Clipboard

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I'm still having lots of fun playing around with the Twiddleybitz Rusting Powder. By adding a mixture of bleach and vinegar, to the powder, you can get some really interesting effects.


Here is the second project, a mini clipboard, covered all over with the powder and rubbed off, to reveal a 'rusted' finish.



I've added a torn stamped background and my favourite Stampin Up 'Delight in Life' wording stamp and then finished the project off with a pink flower to give a splash of colour. I love these screw top brads, which were an interesting 'find' in my local craft store.



This powder works especially well on metal, giving a really 'aged' look. The clip was covered with glue and powder in exactly the same way but gives a much more realistic effect.



If you like the 'aged' or distressed look, you'll love this rusting powder. If you have used this on any projects, why not upload a photo to the Wall of Fame in the Photo Gallery!


Watch out for the next project, a 'rusted tag'.


Please feel free to add any comments below!

New Freebie - Chipboard Mini Frame

Posted on August 6, 2012 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (2)

Check the Freebies page for the template to make this lovely little mini frame. Use the frame with a small photo or frame a flower or small picture. Paint or paper to create a gift or display piece.


Photo shows 'Rusted Mini Frame Project'. For details, read below...



The frame was cut from chipboard and then the inside cut using a craft knife. I wanted to try out the Twiddleybitz Rusting Powder for this project, so I covered the frame with glue ( I used PVA because I don't have the Modge Podge they recommend) and then sprinkled over the Rusting Powder.


Next, you need to spray the frame with a mixture of brown vinegar and bleach. You only need a couple of drops of bleach but this is what gets the rusting action underway.


Leave the frame to dry, preferably overnight and then rub the top coat of powder to reveal the rusted effect. I used a piece of fine sandpaper to do this. The photo doesn't show it very well but you can get some great rusted effects with this powder.


I've added some screw top brads and a small paper flower with a bit of bronze paint. I even 'rusted' the edges of the flower to match the rest of the frame. The background was just stamped in a brown ink and the frame was finished off with a gold border sticker to provide a bit of shine. I have loved playing around with this product and there are a few more projects in the photo gallery using it. I'll post some more project notes on the blog soon.




New Template - 'Your Greatest Fan'

Posted on April 12, 2012 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (18)

I've already done Mother's Day, as my Mum lives in the UK and the date is in March, but for many people, including myself, Mother's Day is still to come, so here is a sweet idea to make a keepsake card or chipboard project for the most important person!


This template can be made in chipboard or card and includes two sizes of stand to display your fan, which is really handy. You can fold the fan in, for mailing and it can then be opened out to display on a shelf. You can really go to town with decorating your fan with papers, stamps and all kinds of embellishments. I've used papers on my chipboard fan and some border stickers around the top, as I wanted to make a quick project.


If you want to get this template free add a comment below and a winner will be picked at random!

New Template - Mini Vase

Posted on February 18, 2012 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (2)

I love to give people flowers but here in this climate, they often wilt and die, especially at this time of year! So, here is a nice little idea for making a miniature gift for someone special, our new template for a chipboard vase. With Mother's Day coming up in the UK, this would make a lovely project to say how much you care!


I am no flower arranger and I certainly don't have much patience to spend playing with things, so you have to look at my efforts with squinty eyes. The template is so easy to use, that it would work equally well with punched flowers or even mini tissue flowers, if you are not happy working with this kind of paper flower.


The template includes two sizes of vase but I particularly like this small one, which is just the right size for using paper roses. If you would like to know more about this project, read on...

I've cut out my template pieces from chipboard. In this example, I have chosen to make the small vase.

Next,  I've glued them onto the reverse of my paper, that I want to use to cover the outside with. I then cut around the pieces with scissors.

Here are the covered pieces. I've then turned them over and done the same on the other side with some co-ordinating paper.

Here is the reverse side

Next, you need to construct your box on the reverse of one of the vase pieces. I know I always go on about using the right glue but honestly, it is worth getting a good solvent craft glue when you are working with chipboard. The bond is quick and the glue is clear, so you don't see so much mess.

Construct the box, so that it is approximately 1.5cm from the top of the vase. You could make it further down if you like, it just depends on the type of flowers and the length of the stems that you are going to use.

There is the final side to the box

Now, just put some glue along the edges of the box and put your other vase piece in place.

Make sure that the vase stands level by standing it upright to check.

Now you can fill your vase. Here is one done in pink, instead of lilac. You can either cut a piece of flower arranging oasis to size and slot it into the box, or a piece of plasticine. I have chosen to use plasticine, as this weights the vase a little and I have thrown out all my oasis!

Here they are together. I think I need a bit more greenery in my vase to fill it up but I think it makes a lovely little gift for someone. You could add a mini tag to the side with a message or just put it on your own bookshelf, as I have done.

I hope you have enjoyed this project. Please do leave a comment if you have enjoyed reading this post.