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Christmas Projects 2020 - Christmas Wardrobe

Posted on December 4, 2020 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Just sharing a quick Christmas card made for my daughter using the window card template. Super simple card to make using die-cuts inside or printables.

Some festive jumpers inside and not forgetting some red glittery boots!

The sweaters are stickers but printables will work just as well.

Christmas Projects 2020 - Cracker/Bon Bons Cards

Posted on December 3, 2020 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Gold crepe paper cracker with a layered poinsettia decoration

Today, I am posting up a few card projects using our Cracker Template. I like going back and revisiting older template designs, as I think there are always new ways to look at things. Also, you change as a person and you might make something completely different some years later than you did at the time.

These would make nice place settings on your Christmas table or you can make them in a simple style and make lots of them as the template is fairly easy to cut. You can find this template on the left hand sidebar under the Templates tab. The flower is a diecut but I will be posting a poinsettia flower template on the site soon with some demos, so you don't need a die cutter to make them. I have been making these 3D layered flowers for years, before they became a thing in fact and love the way you can get such a luxurious effect from simply using paper.

A poinsettia flower with some glossy crackle accents makes a nice focal point

Actually I love these things (the real ones), so much so that every year I end up adding a few discounted boxes of crackers/bon bons in the sales. Of course I forget about them and end up buying them again just before Christmas, then discovering all the ones I have already bought in my loft!

Gold poinsetta on cracker card covered with red crepe paper

I quite like the brash in you face kind of effect of using red crepe with a gold accent. You can only really get away with this kind of thing at Christmas!

Cracker using wrapping paper to cover

This one uses the wrapping paper from the previous Advent Bags project. You can then make a coordinating set.

Matching advent bag, cracker card and mini envelope

Thanks for joining me today. We are continuing the Christmas series over the next few days, so drop by again!

Christmas Projects 2020 - Ornament Cards Using Members' Template

Posted on December 1, 2020 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Blue handmade paper ornaments

Check the Members' pages for all the free templates for this festive season. Today's template includes some ornament shapes that can make some stunningly easy and clean-lined cards, which is good if you are in a hurry!

Torn paper effect ornament

The gold card uses the same torn paper technique used on the tree cards posted previously. I have stuck to one colour theme here and simply used cord and stickers to represent the hangers.

Using a textured or felt effect paper gives even more interest to a simple shape

The blue ornaments all use handmade papers which had lovely designs already on them and the one on the right was a type of felt finish. I love things that have texture, it makes it much more interesting with very little effort.

Similar card in pink

A matching gift tag is easy to do

A very simple shape but handmade papers make it special

I hope you enjoy playing with this free template. I will be posting up some more projects over the next week so please join me here if you would like to see what! Comments and messages are always appreciated, you can add a comment below. Unfortunately, I have had to take down the web contact form and testimonials page and stop comments on the guestbook except for members due to a huge amount of spamming, some of which is very crude and disgusting. The comments also get spammed but I try to keep on top of it. You can also contact me directly through the member profile (Imy).XX

Christmas Projects 2020 -Mini Envelopes Using Members' Template

Posted on November 30, 2020 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Check the members' pages for a new free template to make some sweet mini-envelopes based on a simple heart shape in 8 different sizes. I have made a few with some wrapping paper which is nice and thin and easy to fold and can co-ordinate with your gifts. You could add a small card, message or use them to give a monetary present.

The tiny one is filled with punched snowflakes, I have a made a few of these to put on the festive Christmas table at each setting as confetti. I have some other ideas to use these but will keep them for another post on another day sometime in the future! Thanks for reading!

A Winter Window Scene By Martha!

Posted on November 30, 2020 at 5:10 AM Comments comments (2)

Thanks to Martha who sent me a photo of her lovely winter scene using the window card template. As she was cutting by hand and making 50 cards, she very cleverly decided to use a die-cutter to cut the windows and then use a piece of card to make the bar across the middle. This cut down the work she had to do a lot! The templates are all simple and all designed to be cut by hand and I don't use an electronic cutting machine to test them but easy fixes like this are always helpful. She used a pin to line up and get the die cuts even.

The snow was done with an embossing folder, a neat trick I use all the time myself, with some pearl gloss for snow. She used tiny pom poms for the window handles which makes it easier to post than using hard things like brads or stick on gems. I hadn't thought of doing that! The house was stamped and really cute die-cut trees complete the scene, with a simple stamped greeting inside. Martha did say she might have run the window through a wood effect embossing folder if she had thought of it before but actually I think it would have been too fussy. The simple clean look at the front means you are not distracted from the lovely scene behind.

Thanks so much Martha for sending in your very festive card! If anyone wants to upload a card to the members' gallery, you can do that yourself from your member profile or directly on the gallery itself by following the instructions at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can send them to me here at contact us at mementoes in time or add a link on the facebook page or twitter. It is really nice to see what others are making using the templates or freebies or anything else you would like to post and let others see to get ideas!

Christmas Projects 2020 - Advent Gift Bags Using Members' Template

Posted on November 30, 2020 at 4:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Here is a fun project for you to try if you like making your own advents and have some time. I meant to post this one up a few weeks back but totally forgot, so it might be a bit last minute! Anyway, the template is free on the Members' pages and you can always keep it until next year or use the template for another occasion!

I have made my bags from some Christmas wrap and simply added the numbers using stickers on a die cut tag wrapped around a mini bulldog clip. You can fill these with tiny gifts. The folding of the sides can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it but you can see how it is done by" target="_blank">looking at a previous post with a similar template here.

Christmas Projects 2020 - Pink Torn Paper Trees Using Members' Template

Posted on November 29, 2020 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

As promised in the last post, here is the pink version using the free template on the Members' pages. Super simple but very clean lines, which gives a nice contemporary effect. The torn paper trees are made the same way as the green ones in the previous post. Top tip: get the nicest and softest handmade papers as they will work much better than plain old paper or card which will curl up and is hard to glue down.

The template is basically triangles so you can cut the trunks from some spare card. Add some sticker snowflakes and a piece of glitter card for snow. Really quick if you are short of time.

I'll be posting another free template next time!

Christmas Projects 2020 - Green Torn Paper Trees Using Members' Template

Posted on November 27, 2020 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Kicking off the Christmas projects, here is a set of Christmas Tree themed cards using a new free members' template.

Free Members' Template - green torn paper trees

Simple triangle shapes to make some lovely modern Christmas designs. Today's theme is in green but I've made some demos using other colours too, that I will post up in the next couple of days.

Free Members' Template - green torn paper trees

The paper the trees are made from a lovely simple but really effective technique I have used on many different cards in the past and you can find these in the photo gallery (Other Card Ideas). Just tear up lots of pieces of paper in the colour you want, I am using some beautiful handmade papers that work really well with this technique. Glue them all over a piece of base card, mixing up the papers to get a mosaic effect. Let it dry and then use this to cut the trees. I don't use a cutting machine with my projects, everything you see is done by hand, so anyone can make these cards.

Often the most simple designs are the most effect. Really pleased with this card. Check the member pages for the template. Please post any comments below, I love to get your messages!

November Update

Posted on November 6, 2020 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Been away for a while busy with other things as happens. However, I am working on some lovely festive projects which will be posted up on the blog over the next month or so.


There will be a rejig of the website as well,with some templates moving into the member's pages. I want to move as much as possible into the free stuff area. This is because although some of the templates are chargeable, this is only to pay site fees and I may not renew the site next year if they are increased too much. got taken over by Vistaprint and they may increase the fees a lot on smaller sites like this that they want to get rid of. If they do I will move all the templates into the member area until the site winds up. Hope that makes sense!

Distress Resist Spray Part 5 - Glitter, Foils and Gilding Flakes

Posted on June 18, 2020 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

We are continuing on with our adventures with Distress Resist Spray with part 5 in the series. If you would like to read previous parts you can find them here on the blog, just enter Distress Resist in the search bar above.


So today there are four more uses with this spray which in effect you can view as a type of glue. We are going old-school here with some real glitz and bling, so if you like your cards to be nice and glittery you have come to the right place! As much as I like the arty, distress finish on my projects, I have a really big soft spot for simple clean lines and sharp die-cut shapes, which was really where card-making started off all those years ago.

Technique 10 - Distress Resist Spray with Glitter

This technique is not really a technique, more another way to use the sprays. The effect you get is really varied and different every time, so each piece you make will be completely unique.

Basically, just spray your card however you like. As mentioned before, if you hold the spray further away and press firmly and quickly you will get a fine mist and if you hold the spray closer and press the plunger slowly and deliberately, you will get some bigger splodges.


Now, you can add your glitters.

You can either mix a range of colours and get a 'hot-mess' effect or use little pinches around the card as I am doing here. The effects are quite different.

Dust off the excess and you have a beautiful glitter background you can use for a space-themed card.

Working on dark or black card and using glitter really lends itself to creating a space theme type background and in fact I am way more pleased with this, than I was with the other similar background we made in an earlier blog post using distress inks.This just works so much better in my opinion and the odd drops and splodges seem to produce an effect of planets, stars and galaxies, which is really effective!

Some well placed Quikutz die cut shapes and a See-D's stamped sentiment gives a super quick card. I have made these for my girls who should be getting exam results soon but they would work equally well for birthday cards and New Year cards.

Technique 11 - Distress Resist Spray with Perfect Pearls

Staying with the same simple spray technique above but changing the medium to Perfect Pearls, you get a similar space type effect but way more dreamy and ethereal in nature.

This technique is a little different. You could of course just dust on the Perfect Pearls with a brush but I didn't want to get my brush all messed up and also risk spreading the powder around everywhere. So, my top tip is to just flick the powders on using your finger over the brush as you can see I am doing here.

You can go in with your brush to brush off the excess once the resist had dried which doesn't take long.

Perfect Pearls give a lovely shimmery finish but they do tend to be flat, so using this resist spray give a  textured raised finish which is stunning. The pictures can't show it so well but trust me, it is lovely.

The stamped greeting is from Stampin Up. Here is another card example, again with a Stampin Up stamp for the greeting and die-cuts from Quickutz.

Technique 12 - Distress Resist with Foils

If you are anything like me, you have things in your stash that you don't use and they just sit there for years gathering dust. I bought a range of foils a while back and they have literally been in a drawer for almost a decade. I did try to use them once but with little success but playing around with the Distress Resist Spray, I found that it works quite well with them.

Again, spray the card with Distress Resist and simply lay your foil on top so that it sticks to the glue. Don't go in press and pushing on it, just lay it on and make sure it is fixing to the card underneath at least a little. Then wait for it to dry and peel off. This one on white card was quite nice but you can see that the foil fixed to quite a large section of the card, perhaps more than I would have liked. I prefer the scattered effect on the right hand side. Again, this technique is really a try and see, as you never know exactly what you are going to get. If you want a more sparse effect, go easy on the spray! Here are a couple more examples:

I love this one as again, you are getting a galaxy sky with the foils. I was going for bigger splodges here rather than a spray effect, as I was disappointed that too much spray had gone down onto the card.

This last one has got to be my favourite! I haven't added any embellishment because the effect was just so lovely on its own, from an arty point of view. Lots of silver foil attached to the card and to me this looks like a photo negative, looking up from the ground to a canopy of trees. Love it!

Technique 13 - Distress Resist Spray with Gilding Flakes

The final technique is a gorgeous one, so I really felt like I have left the best until last. I am completely sold on this effect. Just spray the card as before and press on some Gilding Flakes. I am using Cosmic Shimmer Summer Meadow here, which has gold, copper and some greeny-blue in it, which is just stunning.

I was going to keep it as a notelet and not add any embellishment since the background is so lovely by itself but I decided to add a couple of triple embossed chipboard hearts that I have stamped with Stampin Up 'Canvas' and Hero Arts 'Old French Writing' stamps. A little wire wrapped around the hearts adds a nice finishing touch. The message would be 'Bound Together' but I didn't have a stamp for that.

This one is going to be an anniversary card for my wonderful better half, who puts up with so much. Don't tell him though!

Thanks for joining me for this extra long post today. I wanted to split it into separate parts but as the same time didn't want to do another huge long series. This was supposed to be a mini-series but I really got carried away and this demonstrates that you can often find so many more uses for things you buy than you might have thought. I was not too impressed with this Resist Spray initially but if you consider that it can be used as a sprayable extra strong type of glue, then the possibilities are pretty much endless and I have had heaps of fun with it which is always the main aim of these tutorials.


Join me again for another post where I will be looking at texture effects again and it is a good one!!

Distress Resist Spray Part 4 - Faux Metal Effects

Posted on June 16, 2020 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (0)

This was going to be the final part of the mini-series on using Distress Resist Spray. But since playing around with lots of other mediums and papers I have discovered some more ways to use this spray, so the mini-series will have a few more parts added. So far, we have covered 6 different techniques that you can read about in the previous 3 blog posts. Today I am showing a couple of ways to achieve a metal effect which is quite cool. Again, there are lots more metal type effects you can get, this is just a couple of them but if you like experimenting then this is for you!

Technique 7 - Metal Effects

I discovered this effect by accident. The fact that the spray creates a really good worn texture reminded me of the type of pitting you can get on aged metal, so I decided to just go in with my distress inks and spray and create some metal effects. Basically, you just build up the colours using the layered technique in the last blog post -  I am using rusts, browns, reds and yellows as well as some light 'limey' green to get a range of different patinas here. The texture of the spray gives the final piece real dimension.

One reminds me of iron rusting, one of a sort of copper with a green patina.

You can then die cut to create some very cool aged shapes. I have used a Sizzix keys die here but it would work equally well with frames, birdcages etc. Or you can just use the piece as a background for a mixed media project etc.

Technique 8 - Faux Metal on Mirror Card

I have added another technique here, which again was an experiement but to be honest, the result wasn't as good as I had hoped. I may have just given up too soon with it but I wanted to include it as you may have more success. I basically sprayed some mirror card with resist spray. This will take a longer time to dry than it does on normal card but it does dry. This effect itself was quite interesting.

You can see that with rust, red and brown alcohol ink tones I have achieved some kind of rusted metal finish. What was interesting was how the alcohol ink didn't seem to adhere to well to the card even on the bits that I didn't try to spray. I think the reason for this is that the spray is actually very fine and even if you think you haven't covered the card, you probably have, which leave less 'open' space to cover with ink. The moral of the story is probably 'less is more'.


Technique 9 - Faux Metal Embellishments

You can also use the sprayed mirror card to make some really nice embellishments. The butterflies on the cards featured on an earlier post were made by adding alcohol inks as before but in nice pinks and purples and then waiting for it all to dry and then die cutting them. This actually gave the effect of Titanium with all the colours mixed in.

I think they are lovely and the effect is very much a faux metal. The distress spray gives the piece a realistic effect as you are not using a flat piece of mirror board as it gives a textured or pitted effect.


To finish off, here is another card made with the faux metal technique on normal card.

I hope you have enjoyed this mini-series on Distress Resist Spray so far. After discovering some more techniques, I will be adding at least one more and probably two or three more posts, so if you have a bottle of this sitting unused on your shelf, now is the time to try experiments.


Please comment below or on facebook, or send me an email via the contact form.


Distress Resist Spray Part 3 - Basic Sprayed Backgrounds and Embellishments

Posted on June 14, 2020 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Continuing our mini-series on using Distress Resist Spray, here are a couple more techniques for you. I purposefully shied away from just doing the basic background first, as it seems so obvious but I had better cover it, as it is probably the most usual way to use this product.

Technique 5 - Basic Sprayed Background

Basically, you just spray your card with the resist spray. Either you can hold the spray further away from you card and press the plunger quickly to get a finer style mist as you can see with this card here, or to get bigger splodges, you can move the card closer and press the plunger slower and more purposefully. This will give a different effect that is more like the one shown in the Christmas card in the previous blog post.

Either way, you get a lovely textured finish which you can then create a background with by dragging your card through some Distress Oxides. The effect that you get is completely different from the embossed effect covered in the last blog post.

Here is another card using the same technique.The embellishments on these two cards will be covered in the next blog post.


Note that the effect will be different depending on whether you spray and then create a background or create a background first and then spray. Spray the card first and the effect will be more transluscent or spray afterwards and the spray will protect and show the colour that is underneath. This card below illustrates the second effect.

Technique 6 - Layered Sprayed Background

Here I am trying to recreate the card done by the wonderful Jennifer McGuire on her youtube video. Mine didn't turn out anything like as good as hers but what can I expect! I am using a mix of Distress Oxide and normal Distress inks here to create a background. The trick is to use a colour then spray the card lightly with resist spray, then add another colour and repeat. The idea is that the resist will show the colour underneath, so adding different colours to the final piece.You can also add bigger splots of resist spray for variation.

Top Tip:

You need to be careful here because if you add too much spray on each layer there will not be enough 'open' card that is not sprayed that you can add further colour to.

Next you can go in and add a dark colour like Black Soot Distress to cover up the rest of the card. The final effect is supposed to resemble a galaxy effect.

The finished result shows how easy it is to go over the top with the spray. I think there should have been more open card so that the colours showing through were not so dominant. You can see that I have had problems getting enough of the black colour down to look like a starry galaxy sky. But you get the idea! If you want to see it done perfectly and with a finished card using it to boot, then check out Jennifer McGuire on youtube.

Thanks for reading! The final part will be next up and will look at getting metal effects with this spray.

Distress Resist Spray Part 2 - Embossing

Posted on June 13, 2020 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

The tiny butterfly will feature in the next post!

Today is part 2 of this mini-series on using Distress Resist Spray. There are many different ways to use this product but I am just covering a few that I have found and used, so I hope you find it useful. There are three related techniques here based on using embossing powder with the Distress Resist Spray.

Note: I don't get paid to write my blog posts and am not sponsored but I am a fan of the Ranger and Tim Holtz products so that is my disclaimer!

Technique 2 - Distress Resist Spray Brush Stencilling and Embossing

Okay, so in the previous post, we used stencils with the spray but simply sprayed the stencil and hoped for the best in terms of where the spray was going to hit and stick. If you want a much more controlled effect, for example with the card above, you can use a brush and I found that this technique was quite successful if you then wanted to target your wet areas with embossing powder.


Embossing powders sticks quite well to the wet spray but as I noted before, the open time is not long, so you need to be organised in your workspace. Get your powder ready to add to the spray and work quickly with your brush.


So for this card I used a dotty stencil and a small brush and after opening the lid of the spray I basically painted through the stencil. You need to work quickly and not mess about. Then add your embossing powder. I have gone for an enamel pink powder here to get the effect I wanted. When you have heated and set the powder, you can then go in and finish the background with Distress Inks, Distress Oxides or anything else. The embossed dots resisted the inks so you have a lot of freedom to get the background you want.

Technique 3 - Reverse Stencil Stamping and Embossing

In the previous post I mentioned that if you spray through your stencil you will have a lot of unused or wasted spray on the stencil. You can use this to get another interesting background.

Pick you the stencil you have just sprayed through, turn it over and press it onto a blank piece of card and some of the spray will transfer. You can then heat emboss it as before. Depending on your stencil you can get some interesting textures. This card was made using the reverse stamping of the leaf stencil pattern used in the last post.

Technique 4 Basic Spray Embossing

The final technique in today's post is still an embossing technique but without using a stencil.Basically, just spray the card as before and add some embossing powder and heat set it. You can then create the background you want around the embossed areas as before, as the ink won't stick to the raised and embossed areas.

This technique works particularly well to create a snowscene!

Background made with a mixture of blue Distress Inks with diecut glitter snowflake and house and torn snow scenery.

I hope you have enjoyed reading part 2 of this mini-series. Drop by again for the next part in this series which is looking at using the spray to get metal effects. Have a great weekend!

Distress Resist Spray Part 1 - Stencils

Posted on June 12, 2020 at 4:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Today I am taking a break from the '52 Cards' series as we are now almost half way through and instead, I am posting the first part of a mini-series that I have wanted to do for some time. I love the Tim Holtz/Ranger products and they feature a lot on this blog but I hadn't had the chance to use the Distress Resist Spray until now. I won't be covering all the ways you can use this spray but I got myself a bottle and spent some time playing around with it, so thought I would just post up my thoughts and notes as others may find it useful.

I have to be honest and say that initially, I was not that impressed with it and was struggling to see what I could do with it but as with all these things, you need to give yourself a chance to play around with them and create 'happy accidents'. The more I used it, the more I could see a use. What I really like about it is the texture effect that you can get. This is not something that can be portrayed well in a 2-dimensional photo but I really love the worn look you can make with this spray.

So what is Distress Resist Spray? According to Ranger's website, Distress Resist is a textured spray that dries clear and is water resistant. It can be used direct to surface for a splattered effect or through a stencil. So, I will start with stencils!

Technique 1 - Stencils (spraying through the stencil)

I had a lot of fun with using stencils and I will post some of the results below. Warning, this spray goes everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. I found spray on my wall, carpet and desk until I gave up being stupid and following the suggestion to spray your resist spray inside a box, just like when you use spray paints.

It seems to dry quite quickly, so you don't have a lot of open time to wipe off your surfaces. If you are using stencils, then have a tray or container of water nearby to dunk your stencils into - you can clean them later but just get them into the water.

Basically, you can either spray through the stencil, in which case you will get a mixed amount of coverage, or you can take a small brush and paint through the stencil but bear in mind how quickly this stuff dries if you are intending to add embossing powder to it...more on that later. Here, I have gone in with my Distress Inks and you can see that the ink behaves differently on the areas that the distress spray has attached to.

In this example, these areas appear darker since the spray was still a little wet when I applied the ink but there is clearly a speckled texture from the spray.

Here is another stencil example that shows the texture effect much more.Getting a good coverage means that you will have a lot of spray that seems wasted inside the spray box and on the stencil itself. You can make use of some of it though, more on that in the next post on using embossing powders.

Here is super quick card made with the distress glitter acetate flowers made in an earlier blog post.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this short post. Drop by again for some more examples and techniques using Distress Resist Spray. Next up, we will use Distress Resist with some embossing powder and also re-use the 'wasted' spray that you will have on your stencil.

52 Shades of Anything But Grey - Beauty

Posted on June 9, 2020 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Today's card features the Crumpled Tissue Distress background featured on the blog a few years ago. You can read up on it on the link below but I have summarised the main steps with photos again below.This was a technique I stumbled upon and was so happy with the results that I wrote a blog about it. Anyway, the background you can see in today's card is from a piece produced for that post. The close up effect is stunning, with all the colors mixing together beautifully on the unique texture of tissue paper. So the topic today, was inspired by the rich orange and reds of the background. I have named this piece 'Beauty' and the techniques and materials used are:

  • Crumpled tissue paper distress oxide background
  • Basic stamping
  • Gloss finish image

Crumpled tissue paper

Gorgeous Distress Oxides


Some of the backgrounds made this way

Some of the Christmas cards made with the tissue backgrounds

Read more about this technique in the series on Distress Oxides

I have used a beautiful vintage image here and just mounted it on card and added a layer of Glossy Accents to give a lovely shiny finish that I think works well with the matt finish of the tissue. The sentiment is another one of my homemade quote stamps that are turning out to be so useful for this series. I have aged it a little with some distress tea dye and vintage photo ink and added a stamped 'Love' along the edge - from Stampin Up. Thanks for reading!

52 Shades of Anything But Grey - Gratitude

Posted on June 5, 2020 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

A very simple but really pretty card with a lot of texture today. A simple stamped and embossed background provides the backdrop for a single bloom. The wording is embossed with Hero Arts 'Old French Writing' and embossed in silver embossing powder. The flower stamp is from Stampin Up and was stamped onto acetate and heat embossed with Black Soot embossing powder.

Then lovely Distress Glitter is used on the reverse to give a really subtle effect. I have added a piece of florist wire stem and a simple sentiment from my home-made collection to finish this one off. I love the simple but elegant finish to this piece and the silver embossed background works so well on the black card that really, little else is needed. So the topic for today was 'Gratitude' and the techniques are:

  • stamped and heat embossed background
  • stamped acetate with distress glitter
Thanks for reading!

52 Shades of Anything But Grey - Mosaic

Posted on June 2, 2020 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Today's card is a bit more complicated than usual but I think the four step process of distress oxide background, stencilling, inking and stamping on microscope slides, is worth it to get this interesting, textured and 3D effect. The topic is 'Mosaic' and the techniques are:

  • Distress Oxide Background
  • Embossing Powder Resist
  • Alcohol Inks on Microscope Slides
  • Stamping
Part One - Embossing Powder Resist on Distress Oxide Background

First up, create a background that you want with Distress Oxide inks in the usual way i.e. wipe colours on your craft mat, spray with water or spray the card you are using and wipe through the colors. Let it dry. As I was going for a mosaic effect here, I chose the blues predominantly.

For the second feature layer of the background, I laid my stencill over the top and dabbed my Versamark pad over the stencil, applying the ink to the paper underneath. Take care to get full coverage here and not miss any spots.

Next up, add some Clear Embossing Powder and heat it up. You can leave it like it is, or go in with a cloth or baby wipe and lift off some of the background colour. At the same time polish the embossed areas, which will appear darker, as they are protecting the original colour underneath.

This give a really beautiful effect.

This post was taken from Part 11 of our 14 part series on Distress Oxides which is one of two blog posts on stencilling effects. Read more about this technique here.

Part Two - Alcohol Inks With Microscope Cover Slips

After creating a background, the next step is to create the mounted slide. I am using microscope cover slips here that you can pick up fairly cheaply. You get around 100 in a pack which makes them great value. Being glass, you will need to use a permanent ink such as Stazon if you are stamping or you can create a beautiful mixed background with alcohol inks dabbed onto the surface, as I have done with this piece.

A bit of an overexposed photo but you get the idea


Once the alcohol inks had dried, I then stamped over the slide with my new favourite homemade stamp to give the mosaic effect. I then added a sentiment, which on hindsight I would have left off. The 3D effect of the slide is just beautiful by itself and needs no further embellishment. You can't really see it fully from the photo but there is a lovely depth to it which you can't really get any other way. I love this technique and it is definitely going to feature again in this series.

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Free Digital Wording - 'BELIEVE','IMAGINE','WISH'

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Just posted three more digital wording stamps in the Member's section of the site. They are in both JPEG and PNG format and you can resize as you wish!

52 Shades of Anything But Grey - Daydreaming

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Today's card features a couple of different techniques. There is also a small story behind how this one came to be about. I have been clearning out my parent's old house and unearthed all kinds of things, one of which was some lovely old music books.


Both of my grandparents were very musical, my grandfather played the violin and piano and my grandmother played the piano. They had many instruments hanging around their house and with both being professional artists, many of these instruments appeared in the paintings and drawings that they did. Shame none of their talent came down the generations!

Anyway, I have been throwing lots of things away but decided to keep some of the music books. A page from one of these very old books forms the base of the card today.

I actually reworked this and moved the photo from right to left and took away the bronze mat

I love the fact that something they used and treasured forms the basis of this small piece that I have made, it feels as though I am keeping their memory alive in a way.


So the addition of Distress Embossing powders over the top keeps the old theme going. I have used a simple decorative flourish stamp by Kaisercraft (Flourish) and when you rub some of the embossing powder away, the naturally age yellowed paper underneath shows through beautifully.

The image was off the net and I love the way the girl seems to be daydreaming. To tone down the image a little, I added a tissue paper square over the top and glued this down. This really gives the picture an ethereal, dreamy quality. The sentiment is another one of my homemade quote stamps and some Distress ink around the edges gives a finishing touch. So the topic is 'Daydreaming' and the techniques include:

  • Stamping and heat embossing with Distress Embossing Powders
  • Tissue paper image

52 Shades of Anything But Grey - Projects so far

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Here is a round up of the projects we have covered so far! We have been using lots of different techniques and materials. If you have been making your own please do consider sharing by uploading to the Photo Gallery, adding a link underneath this or any of the blog posts or on Facebook. Thanks for reading.