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Posted on April 28, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Those of you who have visited this site over the years, will have noticed how the Members Forum/Message Board feature has come and gone at various times. As my dear hubby says 'it's been up and down like a t**t's knickers'. I can only apologise for his crudeness but he has a point! :)


The reason for this is that it takes a lot of time and effort to keep checking up and responding to posts, without email alerts to new postings.We get around to responding but it doesn't happen instantly!


We have had a lot of new people signing up as Members to the site this year and it is very difficult to communicate with everyone. We also get questions on all kinds of things via the contact form, some of which we can answer and some we can't. There is is bound to be someone out there that can though, so maybe the Message Board would be a good place for that to happen.


Also lots of you have posted lovely comments on your profiles and it would be nice if Members could have the chance to communicate with others via the Message Board. Some people do just sign up, pay us a whirlwind visit and never come back but sometimes people want a cosy place to stay and mix with others.


There are lots of sites out there on the internet to visit but I would like this site to become a welcome place to 'take a break' and for people to come back from time to time. We don't profess to be 'any great shakes' but I hope that those who sign up feel that they are very welcome here and that we love to hear from everyone who visits, no matter how long or short they stay!


So, with these points in mind I have decided to put it back up again, with a view for people to post general comments and for others to respond, as they wish. Members can meet there if they wish. I have no idea how it will work out, as the success really depends on the input of Members but let's give it a go shall we!

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