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Distress Resist Spray Part 5 - Glitter, Foils and Gilding Flakes

Posted on June 18, 2020 at 10:20 AM

We are continuing on with our adventures with Distress Resist Spray with part 5 in the series. If you would like to read previous parts you can find them here on the blog, just enter Distress Resist in the search bar above.


So today there are four more uses with this spray which in effect you can view as a type of glue. We are going old-school here with some real glitz and bling, so if you like your cards to be nice and glittery you have come to the right place! As much as I like the arty, distress finish on my projects, I have a really big soft spot for simple clean lines and sharp die-cut shapes, which was really where card-making started off all those years ago.

Technique 10 - Distress Resist Spray with Glitter

This technique is not really a technique, more another way to use the sprays. The effect you get is really varied and different every time, so each piece you make will be completely unique.

Basically, just spray your card however you like. As mentioned before, if you hold the spray further away and press firmly and quickly you will get a fine mist and if you hold the spray closer and press the plunger slowly and deliberately, you will get some bigger splodges.


Now, you can add your glitters.

You can either mix a range of colours and get a 'hot-mess' effect or use little pinches around the card as I am doing here. The effects are quite different.

Dust off the excess and you have a beautiful glitter background you can use for a space-themed card.

Working on dark or black card and using glitter really lends itself to creating a space theme type background and in fact I am way more pleased with this, than I was with the other similar background we made in an earlier blog post using distress inks.This just works so much better in my opinion and the odd drops and splodges seem to produce an effect of planets, stars and galaxies, which is really effective!

Some well placed Quikutz die cut shapes and a See-D's stamped sentiment gives a super quick card. I have made these for my girls who should be getting exam results soon but they would work equally well for birthday cards and New Year cards.

Technique 11 - Distress Resist Spray with Perfect Pearls

Staying with the same simple spray technique above but changing the medium to Perfect Pearls, you get a similar space type effect but way more dreamy and ethereal in nature.

This technique is a little different. You could of course just dust on the Perfect Pearls with a brush but I didn't want to get my brush all messed up and also risk spreading the powder around everywhere. So, my top tip is to just flick the powders on using your finger over the brush as you can see I am doing here.

You can go in with your brush to brush off the excess once the resist had dried which doesn't take long.

Perfect Pearls give a lovely shimmery finish but they do tend to be flat, so using this resist spray give a  textured raised finish which is stunning. The pictures can't show it so well but trust me, it is lovely.

The stamped greeting is from Stampin Up. Here is another card example, again with a Stampin Up stamp for the greeting and die-cuts from Quickutz.

Technique 12 - Distress Resist with Foils

If you are anything like me, you have things in your stash that you don't use and they just sit there for years gathering dust. I bought a range of foils a while back and they have literally been in a drawer for almost a decade. I did try to use them once but with little success but playing around with the Distress Resist Spray, I found that it works quite well with them.

Again, spray the card with Distress Resist and simply lay your foil on top so that it sticks to the glue. Don't go in press and pushing on it, just lay it on and make sure it is fixing to the card underneath at least a little. Then wait for it to dry and peel off. This one on white card was quite nice but you can see that the foil fixed to quite a large section of the card, perhaps more than I would have liked. I prefer the scattered effect on the right hand side. Again, this technique is really a try and see, as you never know exactly what you are going to get. If you want a more sparse effect, go easy on the spray! Here are a couple more examples:

I love this one as again, you are getting a galaxy sky with the foils. I was going for bigger splodges here rather than a spray effect, as I was disappointed that too much spray had gone down onto the card.

This last one has got to be my favourite! I haven't added any embellishment because the effect was just so lovely on its own, from an arty point of view. Lots of silver foil attached to the card and to me this looks like a photo negative, looking up from the ground to a canopy of trees. Love it!

Technique 13 - Distress Resist Spray with Gilding Flakes

The final technique is a gorgeous one, so I really felt like I have left the best until last. I am completely sold on this effect. Just spray the card as before and press on some Gilding Flakes. I am using Cosmic Shimmer Summer Meadow here, which has gold, copper and some greeny-blue in it, which is just stunning.

I was going to keep it as a notelet and not add any embellishment since the background is so lovely by itself but I decided to add a couple of triple embossed chipboard hearts that I have stamped with Stampin Up 'Canvas' and Hero Arts 'Old French Writing' stamps. A little wire wrapped around the hearts adds a nice finishing touch. The message would be 'Bound Together' but I didn't have a stamp for that.

This one is going to be an anniversary card for my wonderful better half, who puts up with so much. Don't tell him though!

Thanks for joining me for this extra long post today. I wanted to split it into separate parts but as the same time didn't want to do another huge long series. This was supposed to be a mini-series but I really got carried away and this demonstrates that you can often find so many more uses for things you buy than you might have thought. I was not too impressed with this Resist Spray initially but if you consider that it can be used as a sprayable extra strong type of glue, then the possibilities are pretty much endless and I have had heaps of fun with it which is always the main aim of these tutorials.


Join me again for another post where I will be looking at texture effects again and it is a good one!!

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