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Christmas Series 1

On this page, you can find all the projects with free downloads featured for 'Christmas '15'. Some of these have freebie templates etc which you can find on the Members' Goodies section. For all other projects featured please check the project notes pages or search the blog.

Money Pocket Advent Calendar

Make a unique money wallet/pocket advent calendar, each pocket decorated differently with your Christmas papers or stamps. Slip messages or small gifts/treats inside and hang them from mini pegs on your decorated board. Check the blog for a photo tutorial to make the calendar and if you don't manage to find the money pockets in the store, here is a template featuring a similar style of pocket you can use. The template includes pockets in four sizes, to use on your other projects too.  Click here for the template!

Project 2 - Mini Envelope Advent Calendar


Make this mini advent sized to A5, using just a piece of chipboard or thick card, covered in festive papers and 24 mini envelopes, each with a tiny message or stamped image inside. Use your own stamped images or why not use the Christmas Pick n Mix digital designs! For mini envelope templates, click here!

Project 4 - Sauce Pot Advent


Cute Sauce Pot Christmas Tree Advent Calendar. Template to make tree shape and simple circle bases. You just need to get hold of the sauce pots!  Click here for the tree template


Our House Advent Calendar

A cute house shaped advent, posted as a photo a year ago but not featured on the blog until this year.  Find project notes on the blog soon. Here is a template for the two different windows, which you can use on this and other projects. Click here for the window template

Frayed Floral Pillow Boxes

Three decorated pillow boxes using the Frayed Floral Template.

For a pillow box template click here

For smaller pillow boxes click here

Floral Fancies Gift Bag

  Here is a template to make a small gift packet bag. For instructions to use this template have a look at the instructions on this post on this link.


Project 8 - Festive Gift Topper


A fresh festive gift topper and tag, made with the Frayed Floral and Festive Foliage Template. Layer up different sizes of mixed blooms in silver and blue papers. Add a flourish and tag. Below is a sample of one bloom in just one size. The template includes four flower designs in different sizes plus five foliage designs.

Click here for the sample of Frayed Flower 2 from the template in one size


Bows, Bows, Bows



 A super useful bow template for you to make lots of bows for your Christmas and other projects! This trial template includes just one bow from the full download sheet available on the template pages soon . Click here for the template!


Project 14 - Digital Tree

Here is a cute digital tree image for you to use on your Christmas projects



Origami Folded Trees

Make beautiful origami folded trees. Watch the blog for instructions for folding. Click here for a template.

Folded Trees



Make beautiful folded Christmas Trees in different sizes from mini to large. Click here for a template. Photo instructions will be posted on the blog.


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