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Using the free corset templates to make mini dresses



Look for the free template on the template page under the Members' Area. There are four mini corset and bodice designs which you can use to make little dresses.




All you have to do is print out the template onto thin card or stiff paper, draw around it and cut it out. You can then use this to draw around onto any card you want. I have used a coated glitter paper here.


Then find a sheer fabric that you want to use for the skirt and cut it with pinking shears (you will probably want a rectangle around 18cm by 6cm (although it does depend on the fabric). Just gather it with your fingers and glue it to the back of the bodice with some craft glue. You can run a needle through it to gather it first if you think it might be a little fiddly.



You can make dress straps with some cord or pearl string or ribbons and tape them to the back of the dress. You can loop them so that they slide onto the hanger....



or just leave them as a single strip to glue like I have done here.



These are very quick and simple to do but so effective. Once you start making them you won't be able to stop!



Wedding Dress and Waistcoat




The dress for this wardrobe card was cut using our free template (available on the member pages) and run through the Cuttlebug machine with an embossing folder to give the flowery design. Thin organza ribbon was used for the front of the dress and the straps so that it can hang on the hanger (included in the kit). A row of dots using pink liquid pearls on the neckline and some glitter glue on the bottom of the dress, finishes it off. The waistcoat was cut from the free template and stick on pearls used for buttons.


A lovely and unique card for a newly wed couple. You could add some special wording inside the doors too.

Ballet Dress


The little ballet dress was for my friend's daughter who is mad keen on her dancing.The cupboard was made for her birthday and she was over the moon to receive this 'hands on' gift.  A simple white matt finish was ideal to showcase the tiny ballet dress but of course it could have been done in any appropriately girly colour!



The dress was made from a simple die cut shape available from our webstore (or you can use the free ballet dress templates available to members of this site). The shape has then been covered with some lovely shimmery fabric to form a little skirt and thin organza ribbon bow on top. You could use it on a greetings card too, although it is a bit bulky so you will need a good strong envelope to hold it in!

Little dots of perfect pearls were used to decorate the top of the dress. The little ballet shoes were a card embellishment with some ribbon glued on so they could hang from the handle of the wardrobe. I glued a tiny envelope inside with a card but you could make some tiny tickets or maybe a little performance programme for embellishments.

Here are some more little dresses made in exactly the same way using die cut dresses available from the webstore.


Party Dresses


Christening Gown

Mini Dresses Made Using a Scallop Circle Die Cut or Punched Shape



You know how the best ideas come to you out of the blue? Well, I had one of these breakthrough moments the other night and couldn't believe how well this project turned out. I was just fiddling around with my scallop circle die cuts trying to make a little skirt and came up with this!

 I made a few more as they worked so well and you can see the result below.



So only a scallop circle with one cut and some concertina folds are needed to make these cute dresses and they work perfectly with the wardrobe cards!





We've updated the video gallery with the instructions to make the mini dress from a scallop circle die cut and included two scallop circle templates on the member pages....enjoy!


Wedding Dress and Waistcoat (for the 3D Wardrobe)




This project uses the free wedding clothes template (available to members) which includes a lovely simple wedding dress, a waistcoat and a mini top hat pattern. 

The clothes have been made to go with the 3D chipboard 'Cupboard Love' wardrobe available as a kit from the webstore or as a downloadable file for you to cut yourself.

 This would make a really unique little gift for the bride and groom to remind them of their day. You could make the dress to match the actual design and colours of the bride's dress or just use the template as shown.

You could hang another little "going away" outfit inside the wardrobe too, or maybe a special message for them. Pack your wardrobe in a little box with tissue and surprise the happy couple with something really cute and special!

The dress was cut from a piece of handmade paper to get a lovely texture. A sheer fabric overskirt was added by simply wrapping a small piece of material around the bottom of the dress and gluing it on the back, leaving it slack enough to give a gathered effect.

A line of seed beads were glued onto the top of the dress and along the hem, with a row of sequins just above. Tiny straps have been added using small pieces of organza ribbon to allow the dress to be hung on a hanger and a little bow to the front completes the look. The waistcoat was cut from grey felt using the template and a row of black beads were glued on for buttons.

The mini top hat was made using the free template and some black paper. Instructions for all these clothes are given on the free template page. Just register as a member on the site to get them.

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