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 On this page you can find the links to other templates, some of which are designed to accompany some of our projects and samples of other templates we have on the site and others are stand alone templates.

These templates are for members of this site and remain the property of Mementoes in Time. You are welcome to save them to use them in your card and other papercraft projects but please do not copy them into any other medium, publish them on a blog or website or use them for anything other than your own personal projects, without obtaining permission first.

Heart Wreath Template


Make heart wreaths, cards and more with this template. Check the blog and photo gallery for ideas. 

 Heart Wreath Template






52 Cards of Anything But Grey Template

If you wanted to follow the series but don't have a pack of playing cards handy, here is a template. Just print to card and cut out.

Card Template

Stacked Easter Eggs


Template with Easter Eggs in various sizes, ideal to make cards and decorations featuring stacked shapes. Also use them as single egg shapes. Look for lots of ideas using this template in the photo gallery and on the project pages.

Click here for the template

Love Letters


 A set of letters to use for the Valentines Banner Project or for other projects. Just print and cut them out and fix onto some backing card. Use mini pegs and hang them from a string or afix to your card or other project.

Click here for the template

Dimensional Hearts


 A template in different sizes to make dimensional hearts to use on a card or tag as shown here or use both pieces with the tabs to make 3D hanging heart decorations (not shown). 

Click here for the template


Origami Hearts


Here is a template to make origami hearts in different sizes. Please note: This is a basic template that just shows the size of paper you need to cut, it does not show the folds. You will need to refer to the photo instructions/video that will be posted to the blog shortly, or go to youtube to find an alternative video (there are lots).

Make small ones and use in the Heart Jar project along with the Folded Hearts featured below.

Click here for the template

Folded Paper Hearts


Here is a template to make sweet little folded paper hearts. Make in different sizes for your projects.

Click here for the template


Concertina Heart Medallions


Here is a template for you to make lovely concertina heart medallions for use on your cards or as hanging decorations. Photo instructions on the blog.

Click here for the template


Valentine's Day Paper Heart Banner


Template to make lovely paper strip hearts in different sizes. Cut two lots of each strip in five consecutive sizes. Photo instructions on the blog.

Click here for the template

Valentine's Day Advent Pockets and Printable Cards


Make a lovely advent for Valentine's Day. Tell them why you love and appreciate them. A template to make pockets and a printable sheet of insert cards.


Pockets and Cards


Floral Fancies

Make lovely paper flowers like these, ideal for decorating bags, boxes and other projects. Click the link here and check for instructions on the blog to make flowers in two sizes or layered flowers. For the full template featuring four design, each in two sizes, you can find it on the Template Pages under the Flower Cards button.




Mini Envelopes


Two sheets of mini envelopes in four sizes, for you to use with your card and other projects!


Click here






Template with various sized ovals to create aperture cards.

Click here for the template

Candy Jars


Template with three sizes of Candy/Sweetie/Lolly Jars, used to make this Valentine's Card.

Click here for the PDF




Poinsettia Card


 Make this sweet Christmas card, using the free template to cut your petals. For project details, add poinsettia to the search box on the blog. Click here for the download.





Mini Frame

Free template to make a sweet chipboard mini frame, which you can use to frame a photo or use as a display piece. Photo shows Rusted Frame Project. Click here for the file.





Layered Flower Template



Here is a sample page from the Flower Card and Layering Template Number 1. The full file contains flower shaped cards in 4 sizes as well as this page of layering templates (3 pages in all). This page gives the shapes to make a layered flower (see photo_ You can also use them to make gift tags or as a chipboard template. If you want the full file have a look at our card template pages. Enjoy!


Purses and Mini Purses

Template for the large and small purses. The large purse will hold square post it notes of 7.5cm by 7.5 cm and the smaller two purses will hold post it notes of 5cm by 4cm. You can also use them as 3D greetings cards or staple bags of lollies or beads inside as an unusual gift bag. Hope you like them!

Large Purse

Smaller Purses


Folding Heart Card




Click here for a folded heart card with card insert.





Heart Pouch Card



Click here for a heart pouch card. 




Combination Heart Card



Click here for the template for the layered heart card.





Heart Shapes


 This template includes hearts in 5 different sizes to be used with your papercraft projects. Check the blog and photo gallery for project ideas using this template. Click here or on the photo to download the file.

Mini Clipboards and Coaster Templates


 Templates for the mini clipboards and coaster projects. 

If you don't want to cut your own chipboard, you can get pre-cut coasters and clipboards complete with clips in the webstore.


Spoon, Biscuits and Sugar Cube



A free template to use with our Tea Cup and Saucer Card Template, including a teaspoon, three biscuit designs and sugar cubes. Click the photo or here to get the PDF.




A set of curtains, pelmet and tie-backs, ideal for using with the Window Card Kit. Click here for the PDF file.

Boutique Signs and Accessories


A PDF file with extra 'OPEN' Signs, dress forms and store/shop signs for use with our Downloadable Boutique Card Template. Click here or the photo for the link.

Snow Scene/Hills

 A PDF featuring a hill template, you can use to create snowscenes or hills for your window card template. Click here.

Advent Screen Tiles

Click here or on the photo to get a PDF with 24 number tiles, 24 blank tiles to use for your stamped images on the reverse and 24 mounts for making the advent screen project. For a detailed description of how to make this project, please see the related blog post.


Fireplace Accessories


Here is a template for your fireplace 3D project, including cards, stockings and parcels.  Decorate the cards with punched shapes, stamped or drawn images or visit Jims printable minis site for minature vintage cards to use instead. Cut the parcels from pieces of foam or card cut to size (you will need several pieces of card stacked together to form a parcel) and wrap in Christmas papers. Cut stockings from red paper or felt.

Easter Basket Accessories



 This PDF template includes eggs, basket trim, flowers and tags for use with the Easter Basket Card and chipboard 3D Easter Baskets. Click the photo or here to get the template.

Awning for Window Box



Window Box Awning template. Use this with your window box download. Click the photo or here.



Jack O Lantern Template

Template to make a Jack O Lantern Card. Just place the template over the fold of an A6 card, draw around it and cut out. Use a craft knife for the eyes, nose and mouth. Add lines using an embossing tool and rub around with distressed inks. Click here for the template.

Circle Cards Template

A template to make a range of circle cards, including a three panel, standard card and mini cards, together with the accessories to make them into ornament cards and super cute Christmas puddings.

Circle Card

Christmas Ornament Trims

Christmas Pudding and Gift Cards


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