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Card Kit Instructions


Here are instructions for assembling the kits. These instructions are included with each kit.


                                       Wardrobe Card Kit


Instructions for all wardrobe card kits


What you need

Glue Stick or double-sided tape, white glue (PVA) for gluing on sequins and ribbons, foam pads if you want.


How to make this card

Apply glue or double sided tape to the base card. Stick on your choice of backing paper. Open your wardrobe doors, they are pre-scored for ease.


Glue the wardrobe door to the base card (it will overlap a little). You can use foam pads if you want a 3D look. Glue down the hanging rail, leaving an area unglued where you want to hang your clothes.


Decorate the clothes as you wish with ribbons, sequins, stick on gems and glitter glues and hook over the hanging rail where you left it unglued. Add the sequins to the doors for handles (you can use stick on pearls or brads instead). Use white glue for ribbons and sequins.


Add your greeting to the rectangle of card and stick iside the wardrobe (you can use a a sticker or rubber stamp greeting if you prefer).


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